Integrating ideological and political work throughout the entire process of education and teaching - Excerpts from speeches at the National Conference on Ideological and Political Work in Higher Education Institutions

Taking the construction of ideological and political courses as the engine, we have strengthened the study, research, and promotion of Marxist theory. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in Beijing, we have diligently studied and implemented the Xi Jinping series of important speeches and instructions

Using the construction of ideological and political courses as an engine to strengthen the study, research, and promotion of Marxist theory


Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Beijing has earnestly studied and implemented the spirit of the Xi Jinping series of important speeches and instructions, focusing on consolidating the guiding position of Marxism in universities, running a socialist university with Chinese characteristics well, and comprehensively strengthening the study, research, and publicity of Marxist theory in Beijing universities, achieving positive progress.

Adhere to the first good standard and plan and promote work with a high sense of political mission

Beijing universities have a good tradition and work foundation of emphasizing the study, research, and promotion of Marxist theory. In the new situation, the Municipal Party Committee and Government have always adhered to the first good standard and further constructed the overall work pattern with a high sense of political mission. One is to focus on top-level design. Formulate the Implementation Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening the Study and Promotion of Marxist Theory in Beijing Universities, and formulate strong policies on the construction of Marxist colleges and disciplines, reform of ideological and political courses, and incentives for full-time teachers. Strengthen macro guidance and vigorously promote the spirit of Xi Jinping's series of important speeches, new ideas and strategies for governing the country into textbooks, classrooms, and minds. The second is to focus on the key few. Organize two weeks of off job training for party secretaries and presidents of 60 Beijing universities, focusing on the implementation of Xi Jinping's important instructions, further unifying ideas, and strengthening the political awareness, overall situation awareness, core awareness, and alignment awareness of the main leaders of universities. The third is to ensure investment. The municipal government invests 250 million yuan annually to fully support the study, research, and promotion of Marxist theory.

Adhere to problem oriented approach and deepen the reform of ideological and political education with an open perspective

To run ideological and political courses well, we must make a breakthrough by comprehensively deepening reform. We focus on the prominent issue of insufficient persuasiveness, infectivity, and targeted effectiveness in teaching. With an open perspective and innovative ideas, we strengthen construction and promote reform, so that the classroom can truly be "practical", "lively", and "dynamic". One is to refine the teaching content. Establish daily and foundational mechanisms such as regular teaching seminars, joint research on teaching difficulties, and deepening interaction between theory and practice, to help teachers deepen their understanding of key issues. The second is to solve difficult problems. Build 20 teaching reform demonstration points to support universities in exploring and innovating key issues such as content systems and teaching modes, and create beneficial experiences that can be learned, referenced, and replicated. The third is to gather high-quality resources. Carry out the "Celebrity Reading Classics" activity and invite renowned teachers to take an ideological and political course for college students.

Adhere to the Party's management of talents and take effective measures to build a high-level teaching team

Ideological and political course teachers are an important force in the theoretical team of the Party, and the Party must build and make good use of this team. First, pay attention to the training of all staff, use the "Internet plus" thinking, build an "open research and training platform", and improve the coverage and effectiveness of learning and training. The second is to pay attention to the guidance of renowned teachers and build 15 studios for renowned ideological and political teachers. The third is to focus on incentive protection. Starting from 2016, a subsidy of 2000 yuan per person per month was distributed to all frontline full-time ideological and political course teachers, and the "Sailing Assistance Plan" for young teachers and the "Selective Assistance Plan" for backbone teachers were implemented to provide support for the growth and development of teachers at all levels.

Adhere to proactive leadership and carry out theoretical innovation with a strong sense of responsibility

In the process of promoting the innovation of the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, philosophy and social science teachers in universities shoulder important tasks. Beijing attaches great importance to integrating resources and forces, and actively performs leadership work. One is to strengthen collaborative innovation. The second is to strengthen positive vocalization. The third is to strengthen the cultivation of achievements.

Strengthen ideological guidance, innovate methods and methods, and implement the fundamental task of cultivating morality and talent

Zhejiang Province

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee has closely focused on the fundamental task of cultivating morality and talents, guided by problems, strengthened organizational leadership, innovated methods, and guided campus ideological and political construction with socialist core values, striving to create a good environment for the healthy growth of college students.

Highlighting Political Consciousness and Effectively Strengthening the Leadership of Ideological and Political Work in Universities

Previous Zhejiang Provincial Party Committees have attached great importance to ideological and political work in universities, and the main leaders of the Provincial Party Committee have personally led one after another.

One is to grasp the direction and clarify responsibilities. In 2015, the Provincial Party Committee held a high-level conference on ideological and political work in universities across the province, with the participation of leaders from the four provincial teams. Provincial leaders take the lead in mastering first-hand information through dialogue on the podium, attending classes in the classroom, and engaging in in-depth communication in the apartment. They are able to discern the details, identify problems, and focus on solving problems. Driven by the demonstration of the provincial party committee, local party committees attach great importance to establishing and improving the ideological and political work system in universities, actively innovating carriers, and improving work styles; The Party committees of universities should implement their main responsibilities, truly clarify the important position of ideological and political work in the establishment and operation of schools, and pay close attention to implementation to improve effectiveness.

The second is to focus on details and practice. In 2012, the main leaders of the Provincial Party Committee proposed to start with improving the environment of student apartments and comprehensively strengthen the education, guidance, and management services for college students. Over the past four years, universities across the province have invested over 1 billion yuan in improving student apartments.

The third is to seize the shortcomings and promote reform. We have formulated the "Implementation Plan for the Reform of Ideological and Political Theory Courses in Higher Education Institutions in Zhejiang Province", launched the "Double Ten" initiative with a focus on improving classroom teaching, improving teacher quality, and promoting the construction of practical education mechanisms. We have introduced a system for leading cadres to give lectures and listen to lectures, and included the reform of ideological and political theory courses in one of the 22 key breakthrough reform projects of the provincial party committee in 2014. Through a series of reforms, students' satisfaction with ideological and political theory courses has gradually increased from 68.8% in 2013 to 82.6% in 2016.

Focusing on practical results and innovating methods of ideological and political work

The vivid practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics in Zhejiang is itself a vivid textbook. We have explored and implemented a series of new measures for ideological and political work with Zhejiang characteristics, and have achieved good results. One is to build a system of auxiliary textbooks for ideological and political education. We have compiled local ideological and political education textbooks such as "The Practice of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in Zhejiang" and "Zhejiang Spirit and Development", and have initially formed a system of ideological and political education auxiliary textbooks rooted in the land of Zhejiang, based on the practice of the people of Zhejiang, and with Zhejiang characteristics. The second is to innovate the mechanism of practical education. Implement the "100 schools connecting 100 towns" and "double hundred and double entry" projects, select 100 towns (streets, communities) as designated practice bases for ideological and political theory teaching in universities, and cooperate with the school for long-term education. Establish a pool of specially appointed mentors and teachers mainly composed of department and bureau level cadres with both theoretical level and practical experience, and enrich the ideological and political education work team for college students. Thirdly, carry out cultural campus creation activities. Widely carry out activities to inherit the school motto and sing the school song, promote the construction of the school history museum and museum, and create campus cultural symbols. Ensure that teachers and students can "see, touch, and feel" campus culture. At present, the construction of cultural campuses in our province is being carried out comprehensively on the basis of 12 pilot universities in the province.

Implementing the main responsibility, inheriting the red gene, and strengthening ideological and political education for college students

Shaanxi Province

The Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and Government continuously innovate the ideological and political education work for college students, guide young students to promote the Yan'an spirit, inherit the red gene, and have achieved good results.

Strengthen the Party's leadership and strengthen team building

One is to build a comprehensive ideological and political work mechanism. The Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee regularly listens to reports on the ideological and political education work of college students, and conducts special research to solve prominent problems. The Provincial Party Committee has established a system for provincial leaders to contact universities and a system for leading cadres to attend lectures, requiring provincial leaders to give reports to universities at least once a year. The second is to strengthen the Party's organizational leadership in ideological and political education for college students. The Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee has decided to establish a separate Higher Education Work Committee to strengthen the leadership of ideological and political education work for college students. Creatively carry out university inspection and diagnosis work, check the pulse and seek advice from each school, prescribe prescriptions according to each school's policies, and implement the main responsibility of ideological and political education. The third is to fully select and strengthen the ideological and political education team of college students. According to the 1:200 standard, a total of 1763 full-time college counselors have been approved for allocation, and efforts have been made to alleviate the shortage of ideological and political teachers in universities. The evaluation and appointment of professional titles for college counselors should be based on separate indicators, standards, and evaluations, in order to enhance the professionalism and professionalism of the counselor team.

Promote the Yan'an Spirit and Inherit the Red Gene

The Yan'an spirit is a prominent political advantage and valuable educational resource in Shaanxi. We focus on the education of patriotism, social care, and personality cultivation, and extensively carry out activities to promote the Yan'an Spirit on campus. One is to promote the Yan'an spirit into the campus and classroom. Make Yan'an spiritual education an important part of ideological and political education for college students, vigorously strengthen education on revolutionary traditions and the glorious history of the Party, nurture young students with national culture, revolutionary traditions, and modern spirit, and educate college students to firmly establish the correct political direction. The second is to open up a second classroom for social practice. Organize college students to visit revolutionary sites such as Yan'an, Zhaojin, and Malan to experience revolutionary traditions, and enhance their confidence in the path, theory, system, and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics through comparison between today and the past. The third is to highlight the red gene in the creation of campus culture. Various universities are deeply exploring the new connotations of red resources and meticulously creating high-quality projects of red campus culture.

Innovative educational methods to enhance the effectiveness of ideological and political education

One is to leverage the radiation source role of Yan'an University. Yan'an University, the first comprehensive university founded by our party, established the Yan'an Spiritual Education Base to organize college students to conduct on-site teaching in red education attractions such as Zaoyuan, Yangjialing, and Nanniwan during winter and summer vacations, reliving the history of the party. The second is to carefully cultivate typical examples and showcase the characteristics of the Yan'an spirit of the times. We have successively launched a large number of advanced models, including Professor Hou Boyu, a theoretical physicist at Northwestern University, Researcher Zhao Yu, a wheat breeding expert at Yangling Vocational and Technical College, Academician Chen Shilu, an aerospace expert at Northwestern Polytechnical University, and Wu Shuqiang, a student of Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, who is known for their bravery in the country's major publicity. We use our role models around teachers and students to inspire college students to consciously inherit the red gene, Actively practicing the core socialist values. The third is to adhere to seeking truth from facts and respond to students' concerns. Fully promote the Yan'an spirit, adhere to emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts, and closely integrate and solve ideological and practical problems simultaneously. Specific measures have been taken to address the employment issues of college students, students from financially disadvantaged families, and mental health issues among college students.

Hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics and create a guide who is both red and professional

Tsinghua University

The Party Committee of Tsinghua University has always attached great importance to the ideological and political work of teachers, guiding advanced elements among teachers to establish communist ideals and beliefs, uniting and leading the majority of teachers and students to be both red and professional, patriotic and dedicated, forming a unique and excellent tradition and spiritual culture, ensuring that the correct direction of education is always adhered to, and the Party's educational policies are effectively implemented.

Building a Strong Fortress for Ideological and Political Work

The school focuses on occupying the commanding heights of ideological and political work, expanding the coverage of propaganda and education, and deepening ideological and political work into all aspects of campus life.

One is to promote teachers to enhance their ideological and political awareness. The party and government teams, in accordance with the requirements of socialist politicians and educators, take the lead in learning and doing, and create a "leak free engine" to lay a solid foundation for the ideological and political work of the entire school. The second is to expand the spectrum breadth of ideological and political work. Establish a talent work leadership group with the Secretary of the Party Committee and the President as both team leaders, with political stance and moral education as the pre requirements for teacher recruitment and assessment. Establishing a "trinity" training model of value shaping, ability cultivation, and knowledge impartation requires teachers to take socialist core values as the core content of guiding students' values. The third is to expand the cultural depth of ideological and political work. Adhere to educating all teachers with the "Tsinghua Teacher's Ethics" and incorporate the promotion of excellent traditional Chinese culture, revolutionary culture, and advanced socialist culture into the "13th Five Year Plan" for school cultural construction. Establish a network guidance team with teachers as the main force, actively speak out in hot events, and clearly refute erroneous statements.

Leading Teachers' Ideological and Political Work with Party Building as the Leading Role

The 199 teacher party branches of Tsinghua University fully cover the frontline of teaching and research, with 2179 teacher party members, accounting for 63.3% of the total.

One is to strengthen the battle fortress of the Party branch. Clearly define the composition, responsibilities, requirements, and frequency, content, and form of the establishment of teacher party branches. Select and strengthen party branch secretaries, with over 90% of branch secretaries being held by teachers with senior professional titles. The second is to motivate teachers and party members to be pioneers and role models. Choose excellent models around you and learn from excellent Communist Party members. In accordance with the standards of "four lectures and four haves" in the "two studies and one action" learning and education, we will conduct a thorough discussion on the behavioral norms of Communist Party members at Tsinghua University in the new era. The third is to continuously improve the development of party members. Always prioritize the political guidance and absorption of outstanding teachers as the focus of the Party Committee's work. The members of the Party committee directly contact key teachers for development, and the Party branch selects academic leaders as the contact and introducer for active members of the academic backbone who join the Party, playing the guiding role of "academic mentors" and "political mentors".

Focus on the ideological and political work of young teachers

Pay attention to ideological guidance. By establishing a theoretical learning research association for young teachers, establishing a special party building research fund, organizing social practice for young teachers, implementing the "Young Marxist Training Project", supporting ideological and political course teachers to study and exchange abroad, and continuously deepening young teachers' cognitive recognition of the party's theory, national conditions and social conditions, and school traditions.

Improve the education mechanism. Improve the communication mechanism between the party affairs department and the party committees of departments, regularly report and evaluate the ideological and political situation of young teachers, and strengthen targeted training and guidance. Coordinate and integrate channels such as "Tsinghua Sike" and "Green Pepper Enjoyment Club" to help young teachers learn theory, experience culture, and raise awareness.

Strengthen development support. Develop measures to tilt young teachers towards funding for research initiation, graduate student quotas, and turnover rooms, creating favorable conditions for outstanding talents to stand out.

Implementing responsibilities, innovating methods, demonstrating and leading, and doing a good job in grassroots party building in universities

Harbin Institute of Technology

The Party Committee of Harbin Institute of Technology adheres to the principle of shifting the focus downwards and advancing the key points, emphasizing the implementation of responsibilities, innovation of methods, and demonstration and guidance, so as to strengthen the Party organization of the college, revitalize the Party branch, and mobilize Party members, and implement the main responsibility of comprehensive and strict governance of the Party at all levels.

Adhere to strict adherence to standards, make sufficient efforts, and improve the grassroots party building work responsibility system led by the school party committee, the main body of the college party committee, the backbone of the party branch, and the owner of party members

The school party committee has established a responsibility system of "the school party committee takes the direction out of policies and plays a leading role, the college party committee strengthens guarantee supervision and plays a leading role, the party branch takes the initiative and plays a backbone role, and party members put themselves in and play the role of masters".

The school party committee always puts the main responsibility in its heart, shoulders it, and holds it in its hands; Continuously strengthening the awareness of the main responsibility of party organizations at the college (department) level in grasping party building work; Effectively ensuring that the Party branch plays a central role; Continuously inspire party members to have a sense of ownership in loving, worrying, promoting, and protecting the party.

Adhere to innovative methods, build branches around the role models of teachers and students and major tasks, and cultivate a branch style that is particularly capable of enduring hardship, fighting, tackling problems, and dedicating oneself

The school party committee vigorously promotes the spirit of manned spaceflight, promotes the deep integration of party building and central work, and ensures that wherever the central task goes, party building follows up, ideological and political work permeates, and the role of party branches as battle fortresses is reflected.

Implementing the "master+branch" model, building branches around party members and experts; Implement the "project+branch" model and build branches around major projects; Implement the "teacher+student" model and establish teacher-student joint party branches in teaching and research departments and research institutes; Implement the "model+branch" model and build branches around advanced models.

Adhering to spiritual guidance, brand driven, and typical demonstration, we have promoted the formation of a strong atmosphere and conscious action throughout the school that keeps in mind the instructions and achieves the hopes of the country and the nation

The school comprehensively promotes effective practices of spiritual guidance, brand driven, and typical demonstration in grassroots party committees, transforming the advantages of party building into development advantages.

One is to adhere to spiritual guidance. Seriously organize the education and teaching of Xi Jinping's series of important speeches on the spirit of "Four Inputs and Four Trusts", continue to carry out industry, regional, and school-based characteristic spirit education activities such as aerospace spirit, iron man spirit, and Ma Zuguang spirit, and provide the first lesson of enlightenment for new students to join the Party, so that the influence of socialist core values fills the campus like air. More than 2000 graduates of the school devote themselves to aerospace and national defense every year.

The second is to adhere to brand driven approach. Implementing the grassroots party building brand strategy, more than 200 brand projects are launched annually, resulting in a number of party building and ideological and political work brands such as Aerospace Soul, Learning Lei Feng Group, and Learning Style Supervision Team, enhancing the inheritance, systematicity, and attractiveness of grassroots party building work.

The third is to adhere to typical demonstrations. We have improved the mechanism for selecting models in key tasks and daily tests such as major breakthroughs, urgent and dangerous situations, and dedication to our work. We have innovatively established a three-level model library for schools, departments, and branches, and always adhere to the system of advanced deeds report meetings. Every year, more than 2000 people are evaluated and commended at major time points, and more than 300 teachers and students are selected to enter the model library. From this library, various advanced deeds report groups are selected and combined according to needs, Every year, more than 20 advanced deeds report meetings are held.

Coordinate educational resources and fully leverage the core role of ideological and political curriculum value guidance

Shanghai University

Shanghai University has made ideological and political courses a core course for talent cultivation, and included them in the key task of "Double First Class" construction. It has deepened reforms in various aspects such as course content, teaching staff, and teaching methods, and built ideological and political courses into popular courses that are popular among students.

Deepen the construction of course content and leverage the educational function of philosophy and social sciences

The school takes the comprehensive reform and innovation of ideological and political courses as an important breakthrough, excavates and integrates ideological and political education resources from various disciplines, actively demolishes the "wall between the school and society, the wall between various colleges, majors, and departments, the wall between teaching and research, the wall between teaching and learning", and gradually constructs a comprehensive curriculum education pattern.

On the one hand, we will conduct in-depth research on textbooks, leverage the advantages of the Central Malaysia Project's unified textbook, organize teachers to conduct in-depth and systematic research on ideological and political course unified textbooks, and encourage teachers to convert textbook language into teaching language on the basis of understanding the textbooks, continuously enhancing theoretical persuasiveness. On the other hand, collective lesson preparation is carried out, with the full participation of school leaders and the joint discussion of teachers from other majors in philosophy and social sciences. "Theory preparation", "student preparation", "hot topics preparation", and "application of teaching methods preparation" are carried out, following teaching laws and close to students' characteristics. The innovative theory of the Party is planned and divided into specific topics to enter the classroom, deeply rooted in the thinking of college students.

Strengthen the construction of teaching staff and create a teaching team that satisfies students

The school focuses on cultivating a team of ideological and political course teachers, guiding professional course teachers to participate in ideological and political education, and constructing a working mechanism that allows teachers to want and be able to teach well.

Focusing on improving the abilities of ideological and political course teachers, we will build a "overpass" style training system. On the one hand, we invite nationally renowned experts to give lectures at the school, and on the other hand, we select ideological and political course teachers to exchange and visit students every year. These teachers not only spread the Chinese voice, but also introduced a global perspective into ideological and political classrooms.

Initiate the "necklace model" to achieve collaborative education among multidisciplinary teachers. We have persistently explored the introduction of outstanding talents from various fields such as renowned teachers, party and government leaders, and enterprise executives into the ideological and political classroom, established a resource library for specially appointed professors in ideological and political courses, and transformed teacher individual combat into team combat.

Relying on the same city platform to achieve resource sharing. Since 2014, Shanghai has been piloting the "Same City Platform Plan for Marxist Theory in Higher Education Institutions" in our school. Our school has set up enrollment quotas and invited renowned experts and scholars from universities throughout the city to serve as part-time doctoral and master's supervisors, forming a team of joint mentors to improve the level of Marxist theory graduate training.

Strengthen the reform of teaching methods and enhance teaching effectiveness with problem-based approach

The school emphasizes the problem awareness in ideological and political education teaching, and gradually constructs a "four part" unified teaching model of knowledge and action, from case introduction to theoretical analysis, and from practical exploration to problem interpretation.

We have carried out a reform of the "problem analysis" teaching method, collected and organized nearly 100000 original questions from students in practice, established a multi perspective and multi-level curriculum teaching problem library, and compiled and published a series of teaching research results such as "Thinking and Interpretation", "Explanation and Clarification", and "Teaching and Demonstration". Pay attention to the transformation of discourse system and approach students' ideological characteristics. Help teachers establish a teaching philosophy of "integrating theory into stories, using stories to clarify reasoning, and winning recognition through reasoning". Pay attention to the use of information technology and be close to students' acceptance habits. Establish a "micro course" video library for ideological and political courses, forming a new online teaching model that not only plays a leading role of teachers but also meets students' self-learning needs.

Seize the Internet battlefield and explore new paths for ideological and political education for college students

South China Normal University

South China Normal University actively seizes the new position of the network, and explores a new path of "Internet plus ideological and political education for college students" according to the educational concept of "unity of knowledge and practice, independent development, and being a teacher".

Utilizing online big data to grasp new trends in students' thinking

The school utilizes technical means such as online survey questionnaires and online behavior data to systematically collect, dynamically observe, and comprehensively analyze data on the political views, ideological dynamics, mental health, learning status, hot topics, and living needs of all students in the school for many years. Based on the Ministry of Education's college counselor training base, a rolling survey database on the ideological and political situation of Guangdong university students has been established. Together with the Communist Youth League Guangdong Provincial Committee, the "Guangdong Youth Big Data and Cloud Computing Laboratory" has been established to track and analyze the ideological, learning, and living conditions of nearly 2 million college students from 147 universities in Guangdong.

Creating Campus Cloud Media and Expanding New Space for Ideological and Political Education

The school deeply implements the action plan of "Internet plus Innovative Talent Training" and builds a network education and teaching platform for ideological and political courses that integrates resources, teaching, learning and practice. Building "school media groups" such as "Good Night Huashi" and "Zijing Youth", guiding and cultivating excellent teachers and students to open "self media" such as Weibo and WeChat, leading the formation of the Guangdong University New Media Alliance, and building an excellent alumni and student network communication platform. Through these series of measures, the school has built a three-dimensional, cross time and space communication system between in class and out of class, in school and out of school, from pre enrollment to post graduation A zero distance interactive space for online ideological and political education.

Embedding Life Microtime and Developing New Resources for Online Ideological and Political Education

Aiming at the characteristics of a large amount of "fragmented" time in college students' daily life, real-time network communication and seamless connection, the school vigorously promotes the construction of "Internet plus teaching resources", and continues to develop and build a large number of quality courses, professional teaching cases and regenerative learning resources based on learning, practice and practice around the ideological and political courses, the Party's innovative theoretical achievements and practical requirements. Integrate traditional ideological and political education resources such as school historical stories, various ceremonial ceremonies, cultural and artistic activities, and excellent teacher and student cases, and transform and develop them into online cultural products such as online videos and cartoons. Through tangible carriers such as images, text, sound, and videos, organize teachers and students to develop sunny cultural products such as the socialist core values mascot "Cute Little Rabbit", various expression packs, themed comics, and micro videos, and timely convey the new concepts, ideas, and strategies of the Party Central Committee's governance and governance. Create an online spiritual home that students enjoy and receive education from time to time.

Highlight the dual subjectivity of teachers and students, and construct a new mechanism for guiding network thinking

In response to the characteristics of online social equality and interaction, the school has established a new mechanism for online ideological and political education work that integrates teacher guidance, peer guidance, and knowledge and action. On the one hand, fully leverage the role of teachers as the main body, establish a network ideological and political work team with counselors, ideological and political course teachers, and student work cadres as the main body, actively connect with the internet, be good at using the internet, and use the internet to educate people. Through the online space, study and judge students' ideological dynamics, use the online platform to actively speak out, and leverage professional advantages to clarify doubts and doubts. On the other hand, we should fully explore the main role of self-education for college students, organize student teams to conduct research on the ideological and political situation of college students, guide students to participate in positive online interactions, and form a new educational mechanism for students to improve their understanding, strengthen their character, collaborate with peers, and serve as role models in practice.

Innovate the Party building linkage mechanism and expand channels for cultivating morality and talent

Sichuan Jiaotong Vocational and Technical College

Sichuan Jiaotong Vocational and Technical College earnestly studies and implements the spirit of Xi Jinping's series of important speeches, new concepts, new ideas, and new strategies for governing the country, deeply carries out "two studies and one action" learning and education, and solidly promotes grassroots party building and ideological and political work.

Pay attention to the key points and give full play to the leading core role of the school party committee

Improve the mechanism of party building work, break down party building work into five categories and 22 items, refine it into 56 indicators, establish 31 standardized internal control management processes such as the "three important and one major" decision-making of the school party committee, clarify task requirements, quality objectives and evaluation standards, implement the main responsibility of the party committee and the supervision responsibility of the discipline inspection committee, and build a quality management system that tracks, records, inspects, and assesses the entire process of party building work, And it runs through all aspects of school work. Adhere to the principal responsibility system under the leadership of the Party Committee, adhere to the principle of democratic centralism, and the main leaders of the school consciously abide by the rules of procedure for the last speaker.

Pay attention to laying a solid foundation, and give full play to the role of the Party branch as a fortress for combat and the exemplary role of party members as pioneers

Adhere to building the Party branch in student clubs, apartments, practice bases, research platforms, experimental centers, and project teams, and fully leverage the role of the Party organization as a battleground in professional construction, quality education, and skill training. Strengthen the construction of teacher ethics and conduct, and actively carry out the "two-way training project" of cultivating outstanding faculty members into party members, and cultivating party members into teaching, research, and management service experts. We have established six online media teams with teachers, party members, and student party activists as the backbone, and set up nine major publicity platforms, including "three networks, two microsystems, two platforms, one newspaper, and one screen", to explore typical examples around us. Organize a teacher student party member assault team to participate in major tasks such as clearing and rebuilding the lifeline of earthquake relief transportation. Organize teachers, students, and party members to conduct rural road surveys, ferry surveys, and bridge and tunnel inspections in impoverished areas. The party branches of various departments in the school, combined with their professional advantages, provide free academic education, vocational skills, and new technology promotion and application training for impoverished areas, benefiting more than 260 eligible students and assistance recipients.

Strengthen the construction of main channels and play a good role in classroom education

The school reform evaluation method comprehensively assesses students in terms of subjective effort, practical behavior, and knowledge mastery, cultivating their ideological and moral qualities of integrating knowledge and action, advocating morality and ability. Develop a "dual syllabus" for teaching and educating professional courses, establish a "academic mentor+counselor" system, and effectively achieve both teaching and moral cultivation in the process of professional teaching and class management. Implement a credit system for quality education, which refines ideological and moral education, workplace quality, employment and entrepreneurship, basic abilities, and health and safety into 42 indicators for quantitative assessment, promoting students' comprehensive development and healthy growth.

Strengthen the construction of the main battlefield and give full play to the role of campus culture in educating people

Carry out "three sections and three competitions" campus cultural brand activities such as college student art festival, dormitory culture festival, campus reading festival, innovation and entrepreneurship competition, technical skills competition, encyclopedia knowledge competition, etc., correct the professional attitude of "cultivating oneself first, then cultivating roads", and stimulate the professional belief of "Sichuan Road's natural chasm becomes a smooth path". Organize students to deeply carry out activities such as work-study assistance and volunteer services for the "three rural areas", and cultivate and practice socialist core values in practice. Adhere to the concept of "humanized management and family friendly services", and build student dormitories into quality improvement bases for "ideological education, cultural exchange, and behavior development". Fully leverage the role of the "Yi Ban" comprehensive interactive community, establish online education platforms such as the "Party Flag Fluttering" WeChat group and online youth league schools, regularly carry out online knowledge competitions, and timely learn and implement the Party's line, principles, and policies.

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