Legal Shengbang held a salon exchange meeting to discuss the issues in the dispute of shareholders' right to know

On the afternoon of October 31, the Finance and Taxation Department of Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm held a salon exchange meeting, focusing on the issues of shareholders' access to company information and access rights in civil enforcement in disputes over shareholders' right to know, and discussing the litigation and evidence collection ways of liability for damages to company interests, to carry out exchanges and discussions, and lawyer Chen Yuanbin, Minister of Finance and Taxation Department, gave a speech.

On the afternoon of October 31st, the Finance and Tax Business Department of Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm held a salon exchange meeting, focusing on the issue of shareholder access to company information and the civil enforcement of shareholder access rights in shareholder right to know disputes, and discussing the ways to obtain evidence for lawsuits that harm the interests of the company. The exchange and discussion were conducted, led by Lawyer Chen Yuanbin, Minister of Finance and Tax Business Department.


What are the main situations in which shareholders exercise their right to know and request access to company operating information, leading to disputes? What is the legal basis for shareholders' access rights? What information does an accounting voucher include? How to obtain evidence for liability lawsuits that harm company interests? Lawyer Chen Yuanbin provided detailed introductions and answers to these questions based on practical experience and relevant laws and regulations. He stated that in disputes over shareholders' right to know, whether shareholders have the right to access accounting vouchers is one of the most controversial issues in practice. When there is a significant conflict between shareholders and controlling shareholders, they often hope to grasp the company's business situation and even the controlling shareholders' "handle", and collect evidence to file a lawsuit that damages the interests of shareholders or the company, and the shareholders' meeting is not established or revoked.


In practice, court judgments vary from place to place. Lawyer Chen Yuanbin attached a detailed explanation of the enforcement case of shareholders' right to know, analyzing the content of court enforcement rulings, effective judgments, opinions of various courts, relevant laws and regulations, and conducting discussions with attending lawyers.


This salon exchange takes the basic form of thematic research, exchange and sharing, and through the discussion of practical issues and the summary of case handling experience, "condenses wisdom and shares true knowledge". Lawyers attending the meeting gathered around and, based on their own practice experience, held heated discussions from different perspectives on the controversial issues of shareholder access to accounting vouchers and execution. They sincerely asked questions about the difficulties encountered during the practice process. Lawyer Chen Yuanbin provided suggestions and possible measures and plans based on his own experience in handling cases.

This salon exchange conference has promoted the research on disputes over shareholders' right to know, and also created opportunities for mutual exchange and learning among our lawyers. It has effectively promoted business communication and skill exchange among our lawyers, and contributed to the further improvement of our comprehensive strength.