Legal Shengbang Dynamics | Our institute holds the theme event of "38th Anniversary Celebration and Open Day"

On the morning of August 8, 2021, our company successfully held an anniversary celebration event with the theme of "38th Anniversary Celebration and Open Day", summarizing the past, inspiring progress, and looking forward to the future!

2021 is the first year of the "14th Five Year Plan", and the new journey of building a socialist modern country in an all-round way begins. The CPC ushers in its 100th anniversary; This year, the implementation of the Civil Code, the announcement of the comprehensive construction of a moderately prosperous society, and the landing of the "Tianwen-1" Mars... For Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as "our firm" or "Legal Shengbang"), 2021 is the 38th year that our colleagues have gone through together. On the morning of August 8, 2021, our company successfully held an anniversary celebration event with the theme of "38th Anniversary Celebration and Open Day", summarizing the past, inspiring progress, and looking forward to the future!



Director Wu Xiang, Party Secretary Zhang Yuquan, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Fu Xianyang, Party Committee Member Cao Liusheng, Deputy Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Zhang Pu, Management Partners Li Guanghan, Lin Xiqun, Qin Jianlong, Wang Junsheng, Chen Guangpeng, Lai Yukang, Yang Ruihua, Wu Hao, Director of the Dongguan Branch Management Committee Yuan Qi, Intern Lawyer Chen Minting, Shenzhen Branch Lawyer Wu Tao, Intern Lawyer Wang Yuxian, Senior Partners of the headquarters, Head of the Business Department More than 100 people, including the Deputy Minister and Secretary General, senior lawyers, outstanding young and middle-aged lawyers, intern lawyers, and legal assistants, participated in the event. Chen Zhiyuan, an outstanding young lawyer, served as the host.



At 9:30 am, the anniversary celebration officially kicked off. Director Wu Xiang made a mid year summary around the honors and qualifications obtained by the company in the first half of the year, business activity exchanges, and development plans for the second half of the year. He led everyone to review the development and growth of Legal Shengbang over the past 38 years. Today, our firm has become a mature and well-established law firm, with 38 years of performance and honors. Legal Shengbang has gained recognition from customers and society, set a model for law firms in the industry, and also took solid steps in the journey of building a century old strong law firm. All of this is inseparable from the sincere unity of all colleagues in Legal Shengbang Persist in progress and work together!



Secretary Zhang Yuquan stated that after 38 years of glory, to this day, there are countless emotions. Legal Shengbang is not only a platform full of lawyers, but also a warm big family, a home for sharing and mutual tolerance. We hope that all colleagues in Legal Shengbang will continue to unite and forge ahead, and create greater glory!



Yuan Qi, Director of the Management Committee of Dongguan Branch, wishes for the 38th anniversary of the prosperous legal system. Every year, we do not live here, and the seasons flow like a stream. I hope that the legal system of Shengbang will continue to develop steadily in resilience, pragmatism, and innovation; Strive to become a century old brand in the legal industry, and strive to become a vibrant Lingnan time-honored law firm!




During this celebration, various branches have sent congratulatory messages and videos.



Lawyer Chen Guangpeng's introduction to the drafting of our five-year development plan consists of three parts: "Introduction", "Overall Objectives", and "Development Strategy Measures". The preface summarizes the historical background of the development plan formulated by the law firm, briefly reviews the development history and honors achieved by the law firm, and emphasizes the necessity and importance of formulating the development plan. The "Overall Objectives" clearly define the overall development direction of our institute for the next five years.



Looking back on its thirty-eight year journey, Legal Shengbang has gone through several setbacks and setbacks, but has never stopped moving forward. From 1983 to 2021, from twelve backbone and lawyers to today's 650 lawyers, Legal Shengbang's people have worked together and created multiple "firsts" in terms of scale, income generation, and business, becoming one of the largest law firms in South China. Today is the end of yesterday and the starting point of tomorrow. I hope all law firm colleagues can continue to forge ahead, unite and forge ahead, and continue to depict the blueprint of a "century old institution" for a prosperous legal state!



Lawyer Zhang Pu stated that looking back on the development footprint of the country over the past 38 years, the rule of law has undergone many transformations. He has always practiced the new concept of keeping up with the times, constantly updating his own blood in the pace of progress. Nowadays, the young blood in law firms has gradually grown, and we look forward to the active exploration of excellent young lawyers, working side by side!



August 8th is the celebration day of the 38th year of the legal system and the birthday of Lawyer Meng Xu. The wind is strong and the tide is surging, when one sets sail and breaks the waves; The task is heavy and the road is long, and it is even more necessary to ride the horse and raise the whip. Lawyer Meng Xu stated that on the development path of Legal Shengbang, we are full of everyone's continuous struggle and joy of success. We hope that Legal Shengbang can join more like-minded partners and work together to create greater glory!



Lawyer Hu Zhongye spoke as a representative of the new partner. In recent years, young partners of Legal Shengbang have gradually participated in the management decision-making work of the law firm, injecting vitality into the management organization, while maintaining internal stability and diversity. The transition has completed the inheritance of the transition between old and new, and also ensured that the daily decision-making of the law firm can be carried out in an orderly and efficient manner.



As a newly certified young lawyer, Lawyer Tan Disi shared her experiences and stories after joining Legal Shengbang, hoping to hone her professional skills and work abilities on this platform, and gradually grow into a backbone of the law firm.



Lawyer Li Lin has served as a senior partner at our firm for many years, witnessing the growth and development of the legal system Shengbang, and making numerous outstanding contributions, leaving a significant mark in the firm's history. Honorary partner awarded, who will continue to contribute to the development of the institute.



Director Wu Xiang presented the Honorary Partner plaque to Lawyer Li Lin.


The appointment ceremony for the Minister, Deputy Minister, and Secretary General was held on-site.



Director Wu Xiang issued an appointment letter to the Minister's representative.



Secretary Zhang Yuquan of the Party Committee issued an appointment letter to the Minister's representative.



Lawyer Chen Guangpeng, the managing partner and deputy secretary of the Party Committee, issued an appointment letter to the deputy minister's representative.



Lawyer Fu Xianyang, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Party Branch Member, issued an appointment letter to the Deputy Minister's representative.



Lawyer Lai Yukang, the managing partner, issued an appointment letter to the deputy minister representative.



Lawyer Yang Ruihua, Management Partner and Party Committee Member, Lawyer Lin Xiqun, Management Partner and Discipline Inspection Commission Member, and Lawyer Li Guanghan, Management Partner, issued employment letters for the Secretary General's Representative.



Lawyer Wu Hao, the managing partner, Lawyer Wang Junsheng, the party branch secretary, and Lawyer Qin Jianlong, the managing partner, issued employment letters for the Secretary General's representative.



Lawyer Cao Liusheng, a member of the Party Committee, issued a letter of appointment for the consultant lawyer representative.






During the speech segment, the representative of the Minister and the representative of the Deputy Minister made an appointed speech based on their own experience and professional experience.


Blessed with wine, raise your glass to reminisce about the past and pay tribute to the glorious years. During the tea break, the attending guests shared exquisite tea breaks and fruits together. As the anniversary cake was slowly launched, the atmosphere reached a climax, and everyone experienced the joy and excitement of this celebration together. Guangdong Herun Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. has presented numerous drinks for this event, receiving unanimous gratitude from everyone. We also greatly appreciate Manager Yan Jing's selfless gift!



Thirty eight years of hard work, thirty eight years of spring flowers and autumn fruits. All along, the people of Legal Prosperity have always adhered to the working principle of "unity of knowledge and action, pragmatism and progress", and adhered to the professional ideal of "legal prosperity is possible, and legal prosperity is necessary". With the efforts of all outstanding lawyers and colleagues, they have achieved fruitful industry honors. Summarizing the past, we have no regrets, looking forward to the future, we are still full of passion! At this moment, the thirty eight year journey has become history, and what we value more is the outlook for the future, the blueprint for depicting a "century old law firm", which contains the common expectations of the people of the prosperous legal system. With this original intention and mission, we will continue to strive, forge ahead, and write a new chapter in the future journey!

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