Pan Chunxiao


Pan Chunxiao

Economic Crime Criminal | enterprise and company | real estate | Legal counsel | Marriage and family

Educational background

Bachelor's degree in Law at Sun Yat sen University

Work experience

1998-2000 Worked as a legal manager in a large advertising company in Guangzhou
2001-2004 Worked as a legal assistant in Guangdong Nanguo Desai Law Firm
Since 2005, he has been a full-time lawyer and partner of Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm

Key performance

Civil part:

Successfully acting for a road construction project dispute case in Zengcheng, recovering more than one million project funds for the actual builder, fully protecting the legitimate rights and interests of nearly 100 migrant workers.

Participated in handling the execution case of a bank Guangzhou branch, successfully recovered more than 30 million loans, and protected the interests of creditors to the greatest extent.

Acting for a district of Guangzhou land development center land expropriation and demolition case, successfully solved the problem of reasonable compensation and timely housing demolition.

Agent Wei sued a real estate development company in Qingyuan City, requiring the developer to bear the liability for breach of contract due to delay in delivery of the building, refund the purchase of more than 10 million yuan, pay liquidated damages and compensate for all losses. After many negotiations, the developer finally met all our requirements.

Acting for a real estate company in Guangzhou, when the court had sealed 19 sets of real estate, ready for auction, through the efforts of lawyers, the court finally unsealed all, the company successfully took back 19 sets of real estate, the market value of more than 20 million yuan.

Acted as legal counsel for several large enterprises.


Criminal section:

For the suspected illegal business crime, tax evasion Huang Mou for innocent defense, the procuratorate adopted the advice of lawyers after review, and finally decided not to prosecute, Huang Mou was released on the same day.

For the second instance of Du suspected of the crime of duty encroachment, in the case of the first instance was sentenced to five and a half years in prison, in-depth excavation of relevant facts and evidence, detailed analysis, the defense of a lighter punishment was finally adopted by the court of second instance, commuted to three years, suspended for five years.

Zou, who was suspected of falsely writing value-added tax invoices, defended according to law, and the final result was suspended, and Zou, who had been detained for eight months, finally walked out of the detention center and reunited with his family.

For the suspected intentional injury of Bao Mou defense, eventually received a one-year prison sentence, suspended for two years

To provide legal help for Huo Mou suspected of theft, submit the corresponding evidence in the investigation stage, put forward the opinion of innocence, and finally the procuratorate refused to approve the arrest for lack of evidence, Huo Mou finally walked out of the detention center and reunited with his family 26 days after losing his personal freedom.

To provide legal help for Chen suspected of intentional injury, the lawyer accompanied the family to go to the victim's home at night, and the emotional understanding was finally obtained, and Chen was granted bail pending trial.

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