He Xiaobo



He Xiaobo

Real estate | criminal procedure | Enterprises and companies | economic crimes criminal | securities | Family business

Educational background

Bachelor of Law, Sun Yat-sen University
Master of Laws, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Work experience

From 1988 to 1999, he worked in South China Normal University
He has been a lawyer since 1999
Since March 2002, he has been a first-level (senior) partner lawyer of Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm and deputy Minister of Criminal and Civil Cross Law Department

Key performance

Lawyer He Xiaobo has more than 20 years of practice experience and has handled various cases. In recent years, he has focused on the refined and professional criminal defense business and the research and practice of criminal and civil cross-cases, and has accumulated rich experience. He can skillfully use the comprehensive legal means of criminal prosecution and civil litigation to protect and safeguard the legal property of citizens and enterprises to the maximum extent!

The two major areas of commercial litigation and enterprise acquisition and land ownership and use rights disputes have always been the areas where the lawyer has always been good at and worked tirelessly. As always, according to the specific circumstances of each case, he has provided the best litigation plan and solution for the parties.

The lawyer has rich experience and outstanding achievements in disputes over land ownership and use rights. Previous and ongoing land dispute cases are:

1. Shenzhen-Shantou Special Cooperation Zone (Goobu) land ownership administrative litigation (Provincial High Court hearing),

2. Disputes between mining rights of foreign-invested enterprises and land contract rights of farmers in Guangdong (reviewed by the Provincial Government Reconsideration Office and the Provincial High Court),

3. Participated in the demonstration of the first-level land development lawyer group of Nansha District, Guangzhou;

4. Acting for the court of a real estate comprehensive development enterprise in Guangzhou in an administrative lawsuit over land auction (Ying Songnian, Ma Huade and other experts participated in the argument);

5. Provided legal services for obtaining land use rights in a large radiation Northeast professional wholesale market in Shenyang.

6. Provided legal services for the land use right disputes of the owners of an industrial transfer industrial park in Qingyuan.

7. Provide legal services for a foreign-invested golf course and local township farm land use rights dispute,

8. Provided legal services for collective construction land disputes in a large-scale professional wholesale market in Panyu.

9. Involved in the follow-up handling of land disputes over the demolition of the plot of Dade Road, Guangzhou (scientific research complex building of a provincial Top three hospital);

10. Participated in the settlement of disputes over the transfer of land use right of a certain land in Gao Di Street, Guangzhou.

11. Participate in the follow-up treatment of green land covering the old city section of Guangzhou Metro. Provide comprehensive solutions to all kinds of land disputes.

He Xiaobo is particularly good at using various legal channels to solve all kinds of difficult and complex land disputes for enterprises and individuals, especially all kinds of creative parks, industrial parks, shopping malls and other land disputes.

In the eyes of the client, his case is the most significant and important case in the world, so insisting that every case handled become a classic case has become his working habit and working principle. In the plain and effective work of criminal lawyers, choose a few small cases:

In order to recover 30 million yuan loss for a contract fraud victim, perseverance work for six years;

In order to pursue a fair and just handling result for a crime case of smuggling of general goods, we made great efforts to study the industry characteristics, policy loopholes and management loopholes of smuggling crimes in related industries, submitted reasonable and reasonable legal opinions, and persuaded the customs to take the initiative to change the criminal suspect from custody to bail pending trial, and the defense opinions were adopted by the court. The amount of smuggling was originally charged at 9 million yuan, and finally it was determined to be more than 1 million yuan, and finally achieved the ideal defense effect of three-four sentences; In the case of illegal business and gambling crimes of over 100 million yuan, the principal offender was released on bail pending trial and received a light suspended sentence; Death sentence commuted for 7.6 kg of drugs and methamphetamine; Family business: served as legal counsel for many famous family businesses or special legal services for corporate inheritance, and successfully solved the problems of family business governance and inheritance.

Latest criminal defense cases:

1. More than 100 million yuan contract fraud cases, the first instance has been held, sentencing

2. Telecom fraud group crime case, for the defense of the first offender, the first instance was lightly sentenced to three years and six months in prison, there are appeals, the case is in the second instance litigation

3. Tax evasion, tax cases, tax amount 1.5 million yuan, bail pending trial, the procuratorate made a decision not to prosecute

4. More than $6 million of illegal business, gambling crimes, the main offender on bail pending trial, light sentence suspended

5. 7.6kg of drugs and methamphetamine case was sentenced to death in the first instance, and was remanded for retrial in the second instance

6. Drug trafficking case, ten kilograms of methamphetamine, a trial suspended death, the prosecutor's office did not protest

7. The principal of homicide by explosion (attempted) was given a light sentence of three years

8. Underworld umbrella, official bribery, destruction of evidence cases, is being handled

Most recently completed criminal defense cases:

1. Shi was charged with the crime of illegal business operation, false reporting of registered capital and contract fraud

2. Zhao Mouxia was charged with the crime of selling goods with counterfeit trademarks

3. Zeng is accused of counterfeiting registered trademarks

4. CAI Mouqin was charged with the crime of selling goods with counterfeit registered trademarks

5. Yang Moujing is accused of counterfeiting registered trademarks

6. Fumou LAN is accused of selling counterfeit registered trademark goods crime

7. Wang was charged with credit card fraud

8. Zhou was charged with duty encroachment

9. Chen was charged with duty encroachment

10. Cheng was charged with the crime of illegally controlling computer information systems

11. Li Moubing was charged with the crime of producing and selling toxic and harmful food

12. Wang Mouhui was charged with the crime of producing fake drugs

13. Luo Mou Wu was charged with illegal business crimes

14. Chen shrimp, Su Mou Kee accused of drug smuggling crimes

15. Lin Mou Ping was charged with drug trafficking crimes

16. Mo Mou Ping was charged with the crime of transporting drugs

17. Fan Mouliang was charged with illegal possession of drugs

18. Zhang was charged with fraud

19. Li Mou Hua was charged with fraud

Commercial Litigation Practice:

1. Successfully acted for a state-owned enterprise restructuring cancellation case and settled the case through mediation. Achieving the greatest common divisor protects the greatest interests of all parties, takes into account people's livelihood and promotes social harmony.

Acting in a dispute over 27 million shares of a listed company; Mediation concluded the case.

Represented many cases of first instance in provincial courts. All cases were settled by mediation.

Successfully acting for the "First case of China Stock Review" that shook the country, CCTV and other more than 200 media continued to report; We won the case.

Successfully acting for the first securities trading entrusted financial management case in the country by the securities company to assume full responsibility, we won the lawsuit.

Represented a number of land ownership and use rights administrative litigation.

Acting in hundreds of millions of yuan contract fraud and other major criminal cases.

Non-litigation practice:

Provide package solutions for the succession of multiple family businesses.

For a number of project investment to provide a full range of special services.

Successfully acted for a medium-sized state-owned real estate developer in Guangzhou in the acquisition and tracking services.

Successfully acting for the restructuring and reorganization of a large state-owned enterprise in a mainland province. Enterprises, employees, and the government are satisfied, and it is regarded as a typical success case and praised by many parties.

Acting as a perennial legal adviser to large investment groups, a number of real estate enterprises and other enterprises, focusing on corporate governance services.

Successfully acting for a listed company in Guangdong.

Main treatise

Honorary award

Social function

Director of Criminology Research Society of Guangdong Province Law Society
Standing director of Lawyers Research Association of Guangdong Law Society
Member of the first family Business Professional Committee of Guangzhou Lawyers Association
Member of the ninth Strategic Committee of Guangdong Lawyers Association
Member of the 8th Strategic Committee of Guangzhou Lawyers Association