Li Xiujiao


Li Xiujiao

Common criminal cases | economic crimes | duty crimes | criminal liability risk prevention | enterprises and companies | Marriage family | family business

Educational background

1989-1993 Bachelor of Law, Wuhan University of Technology
1999-2002 Master of Law, Wuhan University

Work experience

June 1993 - June 1996 Director Section member, Nanning Waterway Management Office, Guangxi Transportation Department
July 1996 - March 2002 Director of the Office and Research Office of the People's Procuratorate of Fangchenggang City, Guangxi, first-level procurator
April 2002 - June 2003 Founding Partner of Guangxi Haishi Law Firm
July 2003 - December 2004 Director of Civil and Commercial Department of Guangdong Zhengmingyang Law Firm
January 2005 - December 2007 Partner of Guangdong Yiqiu Law Firm
Since January 2008, Partner and member of the Management Committee of Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm

Key performance

Criminal practice areas:

He served as a first-level prosecutor for 6 years, and participated in the handling of Guizhou Xiaohe case (the second most influential lawsuit in China in 2012), Guangzhou New China Building large-scale illegal fund-raising case (2014-2015), Guangzhou Weiguo Group large-scale illegal fund-raising case (2013);

 He is a senior criminal defense lawyer who is active in the front line of well-known cases with greater impact, such as the gang-related case of Guangdong Jiuding Group (2016) and a number of departmental-level leadership crime cases.

Family Legal Services:

Since 2002, he has begun to provide family law and wealth inheritance legal services. He is a well-known marriage and family lawyer in China, handling more than hundreds of family marriage property dispute cases. In recent years, he has handled many huge family property dispute cases every year, with outstanding professional achievements and good case handling effect.

Corporate Legal Services:

Since 2002, he has been providing legal counsel services for various companies for a long time. Combining his professional expertise in criminal and family affairs, he creatively provides valuable legal services for client companies such as criminal risk prevention, equity investment and mergers and acquisitions, and family business development.


Main treatise

Master's thesis: "Research on Legal Issues of Listed Company Acquisition" (selected into Wuhan University Excellent Master's thesis database)

Bachelor's degree thesis: "Comparative Study on Regional Economy of Guangxi and Guangzhou" (published in Guangxi Today, 1994, No. 1)

"Research on Several Issues of Civil Protest" (won the second prize of Guangxi Procuratorial theory research results, published in the Journal of Guangxi Political Science and Law Executive College, No. 1, 2002)

The paper "On the Legal issues of the governance of Listed companies in China", "On the information disclosure of people acting in unison", "The Key points of lawyers' work in Enterprise Mergers and Acquisitions" and other lectures and forum exchange papers have not been published

Honorary award

Social function

Member of the Civil Professional Committee of the All-China Bar Association, Vice President of Guangdong Knowledge Economy Development Promotion Association
Director of Criminology Research Society of Guangdong Province Law Society
Member of the Economic Crime and Criminal Law Professional Committee of Guangzhou Lawyers Association
Representative of the 8th and 9th Lawyers Congress of Guangzhou Lawyers Association
Arbitrator, Guangzhou Arbitration Commission, China