Li Jingyu


Li Jingyu

Securities | Finance | Liquidation and bankruptcy | Legal counsel | disposal of non-performing assets

Educational background

He graduated from China University of Political Science and Law in 2003 with a Bachelor's degree in law.

Work experience

Since 2003, she has worked as a full-time lawyer and partner in Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm.

Key performance

1. Has provided legal advisory services for many companies, has provided legal services for many listed companies, new third board listed companies.

2. Provided legal services for Guangdong Meiya Group Co., LTD. (now Guangdong Guanghong Holding Co., LTD.) major asset restructuring and asset purchase by issuing shares, resumption of listing and reform of non-tradable shares.

3. Provide legal services for Shenzhen Xinlong Industrial Co., LTD. 's joint-stock restructuring and public stock offering counseling.

4. Provided legal services for Guangdong Baolihua New Energy Co., LTD. 's share structure reform, non-public offering of shares, equity incentives, issuance of medium-term notes, etc.

5. For Guangdong Persian Technology Co., LTD., Guangzhou Dayang Information Technology Co., LTD., Guangzhou Yuejian Sanhe Software Co., LTD., Dongguan Siao Internet of Things Technology Co., LTD., Guangzhou Risen Machinery Co., LTD., Guangzhou Jinsuilong Information Technology Co., LTD. Joint-stock reorganization, stock application in the national small and medium-sized enterprise share transfer system listing, stock Advising on public offerings and stock market making transfers.

6. Provide legal services for fund manager filing and fund filing of Guangzhou Eagle Asset Management Co., LTD.


Main treatise

Honorary award

Social function

Minister of Finance and Securities Department of Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm
Member of Securities Legal Business Committee, Guangzhou Lawyers Association