Lai Dong


Lai Dong

Finance | real estate | Legal counsel | non-performing asset disposal

Educational background

From 1987 to 1989 and 1990 to 1994, he studied at Guangdong Police College and Law School of Sun Yat-sen University, mainly engaged in real estate consulting and legal services, criminal case agency, corporate mergers and acquisitions, reorganization and disposal of non-performing assets.

Work experience

Obtained the lawyer qualification certificate in 1997, and joined the former Guangdong Law Firm in 1999.
Since joining Guangdong Legal Law Firm in 2002, he has been a partner of the firm ever since.

Key performance

Mr. Lai handled the acquisition and reorganization of a number of unfinished building projects in Guangzhou area, including the "Famous Capital City" project involving more than 20 buildings and hundreds of acres of land.

He was commissioned by a large pharmaceutical factory in Hong Kong to investigate the largest counterfeit infringement case since the opening of Shenzhen.

He is now employed by many large companies and joint-stock companies as legal counsel, and has successfully handled dozens of criminal cases and real estate disputes.

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