Huang Xiulian


Huang Xiulian

Educational background

Graduated from university with a Bachelor's degree in Law.

Work experience

Lawyer Huang Xiulian has been engaged in legal services for many years and has rich experience in legal services.

Key performance

Lawyer Huang Xiulian has many years of experience in corporate legal services and major litigation cases, and has successfully provided professional legal counsel, litigation and non-litigation legal services for large enterprises such as Electrical Equipment Group, Guangzhong Enterprise Group, Qingshang Venture Capital, Guangship International, Bawang Group, Baiyun Pump Group, Yuecai, Waterco, Zhongnan Enterprise and so on. Lawyer Huang is diligent and diligent to solve the problems and escort the clients, and has won wide praise from the clients.

Main treatise

Member of the editorial board of Legal Risk Control

Legal Liability of Company Liquidators

Nine Modules for Comprehensive Management of Enterprise Legal Risk

Discussion on Some Problems in the Practice of Bankruptcy Cases -- Discussion on the Practice of Bankruptcy Representatives

Case Analysis of Company Compulsory Liquidation -- Reflections on the First compulsory Liquidation Case in Guangzhou


Honorary award

Social function