Huang Bairui


Huang Bairui

Enforcement | civil | criminal procedure | legal counsel

Educational background

1985-1989 Bachelor of Law, Southwest University of Political Science and Law
1995-1998 Master of Law, Southwest University of Political Science and Law

Work experience

Key performance

1. The defendant Liao Mou, Taiwan businessman, procuratorate prosecuted individual smuggling tax evasion of more than 3.5 million yuan, after a large amount of evidence in Taiwan investigation and collection confirmed Liao Mou unit crime, notarized by Taiwan notary, SEF, ARATS and Guangdong Notary Association certification, the court adopted the opinion of the defender, that Liao Mou unit crime, sentenced to probation.

2. The defendant Zheng Mou, Hong Kong businessman, the procuratorate prosecuted smuggling tax evasion of more than 2 million yuan, and identified as the principal offender, by the defense court found that Zheng Mou is an accessory, sentenced to probation.

3. The defendant of a unit, smuggling tax evasion of nearly 300,000 yuan, after communication with the procuratorate, the final procuratorate made a decision not to prosecute.

4. The defendant Du Mou, because of the occupation of more than 420,000 yuan was prosecuted, the first instance sentenced to five and a half years in prison, the second instance by my defense, sentenced to probation.

5. Served as the legal consultant of Guangzhou University Town construction project.

6. Guangzhou Minsheng Bank due to a company owed more than 70 million yuan, long chasing fruitless, has been bad debt treatment, I recover more than 50 million yuan for the bank.

7. Great Wall Asset Management Company Jinan office because a company in Guangzhou development of real estate, after the government planning adjustment, the development project was forced to suspend, but the company has paid 60 million yuan demolition compensation, due to a variety of reasons for more than ten years to collect no results, so the creditor transferred to the Great Wall Asset Management company, I agent, through dozens of times of coordination with a number of relevant departments in Guangzhou, Finally, the company recovered the loss of more than 120 million yuan with interest.


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