Hu Jiancheng


Hu Jiancheng

Inheritance of wealth | marriage and family

Educational background

Bachelor of Laws, Nanchang University

Work experience

He began his legal practice in November 1999

Key performance

Lawyer Hu Jianchang is proficient in inheritance law, marriage law and insurance law. He is good at using laws and financial instruments such as wills, gifts, marital property agreements, life insurance, insurance trust and family trust to customize comprehensive and systematic wealth inheritance planning schemes and provide wealth inheritance services for clients, especially those with high assets, to ensure the orderly inheritance of clients' wealth and avoid family conflicts. Reasonable and lawful tax saving.

Main treatise

"Have you Made a Will?"

Honorary award

Social function

Director of the National Will Center
Member of Marriage Law Research Institute of Guangdong Province Law Society
Member of Marriage and Family Professional Committee of Guangzhou Lawyers Association
Member of the Lawyer Development Strategy Working Committee of Guangzhou Lawyers Association