Li Shikang


Li Shikang

Construction engineering | enterprise and company | criminal procedure | Legal counsel | civil

Educational background


Work experience

Key performance

Non-litigation items:

Guangzhou Asian Games City, Asian Games venue construction project;

Provided legal services for Guangzhou University Town Construction Headquarters Office to deal with the remaining issues of Guangzhou University Town Project II, and effectively promoted the relevant settlement work;

Guangzhou City Planning Exhibition Center Project;

Guangzhou Newspaper Culture Center Project;

Guangzhou Meteorological Monitoring and Early Warning Center project;

Guangzhou Prison Project;

Zengcheng City Center Hospital project;

Provincial People's Congress House project;

Guangzhou Militia Training Base project;

Yuexiu swimming pool sports facilities renovation project.

Litigation (Part) :

Acting for a Guangzhou international freight forwarding Co., Ltd. and a certain industrial Group Co., LTD. (formerly Guangdong Group Co., LTD.) leasing contract dispute.

Acting for Tu Mou v. Zhou Mou in the dispute over personal damage compensation, the case was settled through mediation, effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the parties; Ensure the effect of execution.

Acting Zhou Jun Mou v. Zhou Jian Mou private lending dispute execution matters.

Agent Yang Mou v. Guangzhou decoration design center decoration contract correction case.

Handling Taobao user "Lancome sister 123" product publicity information infringement of a Guangzhou trading Co., Ltd. held the "love **" trademark matters.

Acting for Mr. Xian v. Bank card dispute of a branch of Agricultural Bank of China Co., LTD., all of our litigants' claims were supported by the court and the bank was ordered to compensate our litigants' losses in full.

Acting Li Mou v. Dianbai a village committee construction contract dispute case, Dianbai a village committee in arrears of project payment for more than ten years, to request confirmation of invalid construction contract as a breakthrough for litigation.

Acting new Belle a company v. Zhong live a trademark infringement case.

Main treatise

In 2012, he won the "Top Ten Papers" award of China Lawyers' Intellectual Property Practice Forum;

At the same time, the article "On the Protection of Celebrity Name Rights and the regulation of Trademark squatting Behavior" was included in the book "Intellectual Property Lawyers Practice and Legal Service Skills" published by the Law Press.

Honorary award

Won the second prize of 2012 "Theoretical Achievement Award" of Guangzhou Lawyers Association

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