Dickson Lee



Dickson Lee

Foreign investment and financing business | perennial legal consultant services | international trade | international/domestic cargo transportation | legal affairs involving property insurances

Educational background

Bachelor of Law, Nanchang University;
 LLM in International Law (International Business Law), Fuzhou University;
In 2018: Participated in the foreign-related elite lawyer training of China University of Political Science and Law sponsored by Guangzhou Lawyers Association;
In 2019: Attended the foreign-related lawyer training of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies sponsored by Guangzhou Lawyers Association;
In 2021: Participated in foreign-related arbitration training sponsored by ICC;
In 2023, participate in the foreign leading Talents (American class) training organized by Guangzhou Lawyers Association;

Work experience

2010- 2012, Huang & Huang Co. Law Firm – associate specialized in maritime and foreign related matters (litigation and non-litigation)


Since 2012, Guangdong Everwin Law Office – senior associate, partner, and director of the International Department.

Key performance



Professional  experience:

Perennial legal consultant services, international trade, international/domestic cargo transportation, legal affairs involving property insurances, with extensive experience and good social resources in dispute resolution, especially maritime disputes and foreign-related disputes.











Main foreign related legal achievements :

1.Handling financial load contract dispute for and on behalf of Macao Chinese Bank charging against Guangzhou Guicui Flower Trading company.

2.Representation of a large health care products trading company in Guangdong in an international trade.

3.Representation of a large recourses trading company in Southern area of China.P.R.

4.Handling lots of Maritime cases.


Main treatise

Honorary award

★Selected into the Foreign-Related Lawyers (Pioneer) Talent Pool of Guangdong ProvinceCertified as Leading Talent of Foreign-Related Lawyer of the City of Guangzhou;

★In 2021, I was awarded the "Business Achievement Award" by Guangzhou Lawyers Association;

Social function

★Member of International Trading Legal Committee of GuangDong Lawyers’ Association

★Member of Foreign Related Legal Committee of Guangzhou Lawyers’ Association;

★Member of Hong Kong Macao Taiwan and Foreign Related Affairs Committee of Guangzhou Lawyers’ Association.

★Member of Guangzhou International Business Legal Service Center.

★Mediator of Guangzhou Maritime Court.

★Mediator of Guangzhou International Commercial Mediation Center.