Lin Shenglong


Lin Shenglong

Enterprises and companies | enforcement | liquidation and bankruptcy | Legal counsel | civil

Educational background

Bachelor of Laws, Guangdong University of Finance and Economics

Work experience

Since July 1, 2016, Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm

Key performance

As a member of the team, Mr. Lin participated in the following projects:

1. Guangzhou Construction Project Agent Construction Bureau (former Guangzhou Key Public Construction Project Management Office) perennial legal consultant;

2. Perennial legal consultant of a commercial real estate project in CBD, Tianhe District, Guangzhou;

3. Guangzhou Yuexiu District, a large square perennial legal consultant;

4. Guangdong Industrial Group Co., LTD. Perennial legal consultant;

5. Guangzhou Group Co., LTD. Perennial legal consultant;

6. Special legal consultant for a mine relocation compensation project in Guangdong;

7. Guangzhou Chow Tai Fook Financial Center (Pearl River New City East Tower) perennial legal counsel;

8. Guangzhou trading Co., LTD. Perennial legal consultant;

9. Bankruptcy liquidation project of a state-owned enterprise in Guangzhou.

Mr. Lin Shenglong, as a team lawyer, handled the following litigation cases:

House lease contract disputes, property service contract disputes, goods sale contract disputes, private lending disputes and other civil litigation cases, and participated in a large number of civil enforcement cases.

Main treatise

In the non-litigation reading published "The practice of Liquidated damages under the Commercial housing lease Contract" "The Practice of some Basic Points of civil enforcement procedures" (Part 1) (Part 2) and other professional articles.

Honorary award

Social function

Volunteer of consumer rights protection of Guangzhou Consumer Council