Jiang Ansheng



Jiang Ansheng

Enterprises and companies | bidding and auction | copyright | legal counsel | government investment and financing

Educational background

In June 1988, he graduated from Xiangtan University Law School with a Bachelor's degree in Law
In June 1992, he participated in the Beidaihe Securities and stock training course organized by the Introduction Office of The State Council and completed the course

Work experience

September 1984 - June 1988 Studied law at Xiangtan University Law School
June 1988 - May 1995 Full-time lawyer and deputy director of Yuetang District Law Firm in the suburbs of Xiangtan City, Hunan Province
May 1995 - June 1999 Full-time lawyer in Guangdong Yonghua, Huangpu District, Global Law Firm
June 1999 - December 2002 Partner and Deputy Director of Guangdong Gongshang Law Firm
Since December 2002, Lawyer and first-level partner of Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm

Key performance

This lawyer has been practicing for more than 20 years, specializing in legal practices such as construction engineering, government investment and financing (PPP), company practice, intellectual property, and legal consulting. I have served as a legal advisor for various employers such as governments, enterprises, social organizations, and individuals. I have handled a large number of criminal, civil, administrative, intellectual property, engineering, real estate, insurance, and other cases and affairs, and have rich practical experience as a lawyer and good social relationships. Classic cases include: Li v. Coca Cola product quality case, Huang v. AIA claim case, China Southern Airlines Group CFO Chen bribery case, Dutch Bank Shanghai Branch loan case, American American Asia Insurance claim case, Dongbao trademark case, Panyu bustling city shopping mall merger and acquisition project, Meiyi shoes foreign-owned enterprise equity transfer project, West River Water Diversion Project, China Southern Power Grid Liangdu Project, Baiyun Airport noise resettlement project Special legal services such as the pharmaceutical logistics warehouse project of Guangzhou Transportation Group

Main treatise

"Selected Legal Practices and Cases of Construction Engineering", Law Press, 2011

"Practical Strategy of Legal Disputes in the Field of Construction", China Legal Publishing House, 2015

"Application and Control of Unbalanced Quotation", People's Voice magazine, No. 8, 2016

Honorary award

In 1990, he was named the advanced lawyer of Hunan Province
2010 legal Shengbang outstanding lawyer

Social function

Member, Constitution and Human Rights Committee, Guangdong Lawyers Association
Guangzhou Municipal government contract model text review expert database member
Member of the Government Investment and Financing Committee of Guangzhou Lawyers Association
Xiangtan University Guangzhou Alumni Association secretary-general
Deputy Secretary-General, Hunan Shaoyang Chamber of Commerce, Guangdong Province