Jiang Wusheng


Jiang Wusheng

Civil | Criminal Procedure | Enterprises and Companies | Criminal Liability Risk Prevention | Ordinary Crime Criminal | Duty Crime Criminal

Educational background

Graduated from Guangdong Police Officer College, majoring in Public Security and Law

Work experience

Guangdong Jinyue Law Firm
Guangdong Junzhi Law Firm

Key performance

Graduated from the People's Police School in 1998, more than 20 years of practical work experience, no matter in which job, always remember the oath made under the party flag and police badge. Solid public security professional foundation and legal training, so that the understanding of legal affairs more thorough, in practice use handy. Open-minded, diligent and trustworthy, not afraid of power, with courage and wisdom to form a unique style of handling cases, won the respect of all sectors of society and widespread praise. Established a professional team of criminal and civilian cross-lawyers, and led the team to handle all kinds of major complex and difficult criminal, civil and commercial matters, and criminal complaint cases; He has served as a perennial legal adviser to many governments and enterprises.

Main treatise

Honorary award

Won the award of advanced individual in disaster relief in 2008;
In 2010 Asian Games, he was hired as a special volunteer by the Asian Organizing Committee and the Guangzhou Youth League Committee

Social function

Director of Guangdong Yuanbenshan Charity Foundation
Executive Vice president of Heyuan Chamber of Commerce, Guangzhou
Executive Vice President of Guangzhou Dongyuan Chamber of Commerce
China Intellectual Property Association
Guangdong Certified Tax Agents Association
Guangdong SME Financing and Listing Promotion Association
World Muay Thai Federation Guangzhou Club
Guangzhou Young Entrepreneurs Association
Guangzhou Youth Volunteers Association