Zhou Haifeng


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Zhou Haifeng

Bidding and auction | construction engineering | finance | Legal counsel | civil

Educational background

Bachelor of Laws, Wuhan University

Work experience

Mr. Zhou joined Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm in 2015. Prior to joining Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm, Mr. Zhou worked for Guangdong Radio and Television.
Mr. Zhou has been focusing on financial banking, corporate governance and equity investment, construction projects and bidding, civil and commercial affairs and labor dispute resolution for many years. Mr. Zhou has provided or is providing legal services for dozens of enterprises, including large state-owned enterprises, commercial banks, small and medium-sized enterprises. The industries involved in the project include power, banking, mining, real estate, education, clothing trade, manufacturing and so on.
At the same time, Mr. Zhou has professional experience in the field of legal counsel and corporate governance, has rich experience in dispute resolution, and has rich litigation experience in the field of financial loan disputes.

Key performance

Main customers:

China Southern Power Grid ultra-high Voltage Transmission Company;

China Southern Power Grid Research Institute Co., LTD.;

Zhongshan Rural Commercial Bank Co., LTD.

Jiexi Rural Commercial Bank Co., LTD.;

Guangzhou Design Institute.

Acting cases:

Acted for a bank in Guangdong against a company in more than 10 series of loan cases, involving the target amount of 500 million;

Acted for a bank in Guangdong against a company in Zhongshan in three financial loan dispute cases, involving a total of about 300 million yuan;

Acting in many contract disputes, divorce disputes, labor disputes.

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