Deng Wei


Deng Wei

Real estate | Legal counsel | Finance

Educational background

Master of Laws, Sun Yat-sen University

Work experience

2005 -2015 A court in Guangdong Province
Since 2015, Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm

Key performance

Mr. Deng is familiar with civil and commercial law and good at litigation, specializing in corporate legal counsel, contract disputes, corporate legal affairs, mergers and acquisitions and restructuring, real estate and construction engineering, corporate equity and bankruptcy liquidation, financial leasing and other professional fields.

He has been engaged in the legal industry for more than 10 years, and has been engaged in trial and execution work in the court for many years. He was once a judge of a court in Guangdong Province, and also served as a legal adviser to various employers such as government, enterprises, social organizations, and individuals.

During his career, he has undertaken a large number of criminal, civil, administrative, intellectual property, construction projects, real estate, insurance, financial leasing and other cases and affairs, and has rich judicial practical experience and good social relations.

Successful classic cases are: Sany Group Co., LTD. Legal counsel, Nanya Real estate Development Co., LTD. Legal counsel of Foshan Jurong Automobile Co., LTD., Kong Mou v. Nanya Real Estate Development Co., LTD. Commercial housing sales contract dispute, LAN Mou v. Guangzhou Xiaodun Watch Co., LTD.

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