He Chaopei



He Chaopei

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Educational background

Xiangtan University, Bachelor degree in Intellectual property, computer science and technology

Work experience

July 2017 - March 2018 Foshan Haike Patent Investment and Operation Co., LTD. Legal affairs;
From April 2018 to September 2019, he worked as an intern at Guangdong Baohui Law Firm.
From October 2019 to May 2021, he worked as a practicing lawyer in Guangdong Fuyoupeng Law Firm.
Since May 2021, he has been a practicing lawyer in Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm.

Key performance

1. Guangdong a toy Co., LTD. Copyright rights protection case

2. A manufacturing Co., Ltd. v. Dongguan City, a new energy technology Co., Ltd. infringement of copyright dispute

3. A (China) Co., Ltd. sued a trade Co., Ltd. of Foshan City for trademark infringement dispute

4. Guangdong science and technology Co., Ltd. v. a metal products factory in Rongcheng district of Jieyang City infringement of trademark rights dispute

5. "See deer" trademark invalid administrative litigation

6. Guangdong Province a building materials Co., Ltd. patent infringement series rights protection case

7. A series of patent infringement rights protection cases of Guangdong Pipeline Technology Co., LTD

8. Foshan Nanhai a heat energy equipment technology Co., Ltd. v. Foshan City an industrial furnace technology Co., Ltd. infringement of invention patent dispute

9. Zhuhai Certain Day Products Co., Ltd. v. a packaging materials (Huizhou) Co., LTD. Infringement of invention patent dispute

10. A (Beijing) new energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Foshan new energy Technology Co., Ltd. patent infringement administrative processing case

11. Patent invalidation case of "a kind of automobile sunshade"

12. "Horse riding clip" patent invalidation case

13. "Infrared gas jet aluminum rod heating furnace" patent invalidation case

14. "Self-mucous membrane check air packaging material C-type bag and its manufacturing method" patent invalidation case

15. "lithium-ion battery" patent analysis report

16. "Setting machine waste heat recovery field" patent analysis report

17. Foshan lighting technology Co., Ltd. intellectual property customs records

18. Administrative dispute over infringement of design patent rights between a trading Co., Ltd. and a Lisa Group Co., LTD

19. Unfair competition dispute between a trading Co., Ltd. and a Lisa Group Co., LTD

20. Foshan City a technology Co., Ltd. and Shunde district of Foshan City an electric appliance Co., Ltd. infringement of design patent disputes

Main treatise

"Feasibility Study on Trademark Enforcement"

"Legal Protection and Improvement of Personal Health Medical Data in China"

"Lithium secondary battery electrolyte field patent layout Analysis Report"

"Global Virtualization Technology Patent Search Report"

Honorary award

Social function

Guangdong Intellectual Property Protection Association expert database