He Shiyun



He Shiyun

Educational background

2011.09-2015.06 Department of Law, South China Agricultural University
2013.09 to 2014.01 Jingyi University, Taiwan

Work experience

2019.03 Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm
2017.05 to 2019.03 Beijing Kangda (Guangzhou) Law Firm
2015.07-2017.04 Guangdong Guangxin Junda Law Firm

Key performance

◆ Acted in dozens of civil and commercial litigation cases, mainly including construction project disputes, property rights disputes, equity disputes, intellectual property disputes, professional counterfeiting cases, sales contract disputes, service contract disputes, divorce disputes, private lending disputes, shareholders' right to know disputes, labor disputes, execution cases, etc. Familiar with the first instance, second instance and execution procedures of civil and commercial cases, and capable of handling civil and commercial litigation and arbitration cases independently.

Main cases:

· Construction project dispute between Guangzhou Technology Co., Ltd. and China Construction Development Co., LTD.;

· A series of property rights protection disputes between a foreign-funded enterprise and Liu Mou (a total of 8 cases of first instance, second instance, retrial and retrial, lasting 4 years);

· Yang et al v. Huang Mou series of private lending cases (8).

◆ Participated in a number of non-litigation special legal counsel projects, mainly including listed companies non-public offering of shares, listed companies mergers and acquisitions, issuance of corporate bonds, issuance of ultra-short-term financing bonds, listing on the New Third Board, corporate equity mergers and acquisitions, corporate equity incentives, registration of private fund managers and other special legal counsel, familiar with legal due diligence work; Proficient in cooperation skills with target companies, brokerages and accountants, and rich experience in issuing special legal opinions and handling non-litigation legal projects.

Main projects:

· Special legal adviser for the non-public offering of shares of Guangdian Express (002152);

· Tianguang Zhongmao (002509) issued shares to purchase assets and raise matching funds special legal counsel;

· Special legal services for Ke Mou's acquisition of 100% equity of a foreign-invested enterprise.

◆ Provide perennial legal counsel services for many listed companies and non-listed companies, and have the ability to independently follow up and deal with the company's perennial legal counsel business.

Main projects:

· Guangzhou Guangdian Yuntong Financial Electronics Co., LTD. (Guangdian Yuntong 002152);

· Guangzhou Hengyun Enterprise Group Co., LTD. (SuiHengyun A000531);

· Guangdong Yuecai Venture Capital Co., LTD.

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