Huang Chao


Huang Chao

Enterprise and Company | Construction Engineering | Marriage and Family | Real Estate | Arbitration | Economic Crime Criminal | Legal Advisor | Criminal Liability Risk Prevention | Finance | Ordinary Crime Criminal | Duty Crime Criminal

Educational background

He graduated from the Law School of Nanjing University with a Master of Laws (Litigation Law) and a Bachelor of Laws degree.

Work experience

The lawyer of Jiangsu Zhibang Law Firm studied under the famous criminal defense lawyer Xue Huogen in Nanjing
Beijing Dacheng (Nanjing) Law Firm Nanjing assistant lawyer, intern lawyer
Guangdong Hancheng law firm Shenzhen intern lawyer
Guangdong legal Shengbang law firm Guangzhou full-time lawyer

Key performance

Typical cases of criminal defense:

1. In the case of the former governor of Hanjiang District, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, suspected of taking bribes, the defense point of view was adopted by the court, and the client received a light sentence and achieved a good defense effect.

The former general manager of Lianyungang Port Group in Jiangsu Province was entrusted to provide defense for the case of bribery and abuse of power, and finally achieved the defense effect within the expected range.

Jiang Moumou, secretary of the Party Committee of a provincial office in Jiangsu Province, was convicted of taking bribes and the crime of unknown sources of huge assets after defense, prompting prosecutors to withdraw some of the charges and the client received a light sentence.

Li Mou is suspected of opening a casino crime, as a defender for its defense, and finally received a suspended sentence.

Acting as a defender for multiple criminal defendants to provide legal defense services.

Agent major civil, commercial and economic typical cases:

Served as the perennial legal counsel of a famous enterprise owned by the whole people in Guangzhou, dealing with daily legal affairs.

For a famous enterprise owned by the whole people in Guangzhou to deal with a large number of employees on behalf of real estate disputes, construction project contract disputes, transfer of land use rights contract disputes, and provide a series of services in the process of restructuring of the enterprise to issue legal opinions, legal witness, labor negotiation, laid-off workers resettlement plan design, consultation, negotiation, litigation and so on.

Acting as an agent for many famous domestic equity investment companies, dealing with many equity investment disputes, gambling agreement disputes, securities disputes, equity transfer contract disputes, equity repurchase disputes, etc., between the target company and the investee.

As the agent of dozens of prospective owners, he dealt with the dispute of delayed delivery of real estate projects between him and a famous real estate enterprise, involving disputes of administrative inaction and disputes of civil contract breach.

Acted in a number of divorce disputes and handled a number of estate disputes.

Main treatise

The graduate thesis "Research on the Right of Independent Defense" won the excellent graduation thesis.

Honorary award

Social function