Chen Ju


Chen Ju

Family business | construction project | duty crime criminal | administration | medical | Legal consultant

Educational background

He graduated from National University of Defense Technology with a master's degree.

Work experience

He used to be a lawyer in the Legal Advisory Office of Guangzhou Military Command, and is now a member of Cao Liusheng's team and a lawyer in the international Business Department of Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm.

Key performance

Providing legal services to troops and their families over the years; Focuses on the study of Hong Kong law, and has long taught Hong Kong law to officers and trainees of the Hong Kong troops; Studied the common law system for many years, focusing on Australia's financial, investment, immigration and other legal policies; Legal English translation and writing skills, can use English as the working language for contract review, business negotiations. He has been involved in both litigation and non-litigation business, and is good at: duty crimes, administrative licensing disputes, construction contract disputes, medical disputes, family disputes, private lending disputes, corporate mergers and acquisitions, military-civilian integration investment, and legal counsel business for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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