Huang Jiaping


Huang Jiaping

Legal counsel | real estate | enterprises and companies | non-performing assets disposal

Educational background

Southwest University of Political Science and Law (Bachelor's Degree) Sun Yat-sen University EMBA

Work experience

1981-1985 Southwest University of Political Science and Law; 1986-2001 Worked as a lawyer in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province; In 1997, he founded Arthur Andersen Law Firm and served as its director. Obtained the professional title of senior lawyer in 2001; 2002-present Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm practicing lawyer.

Key performance

Legal Counsel:

He has successively served as the perennial legal counsel for many large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions such as Zhaoqing Municipal People's Government, Yunfu Pyrite, Zhaoqing Branch of China Construction Bank, Guangdong Blue Band Group Company, and Fuyin Investment Group Company.

Economic and Civil Litigation:

He has acted in more than 400 economic and civil cases. The subject matter of litigation exceeded 100 million yuan in 1 case, and exceeded 10 million yuan in 6 cases. In the international freight bill of lading case of China Industrial Mei Group Company, the loss of more than 11 million US dollars was successfully recovered.

Corporate Legal Affairs:

Participated in or presided over the planning of more than 10 state-owned enterprises corporate reorganization, corporate mergers, corporate assets and debt restructuring and other legal affairs. Participated in the cooperation negotiation and project bidding of Guangzhao Expressway project (total investment of 1.7 billion yuan); Presided over and planned the legal affairs of asset and debt restructuring of Jian 'an Group Company and Zhongxin Group Company and the formation of group company.

Real Estate and Asset Acquisitions:

Planned and presided over the acquisition and sale of Suzhou Brave New World Commercial Plaza project; Guangzhou Di Yuan hotel asset acquisition.


Main treatise

He has published many papers in Legal Studies, Guangdong Lawyers, Guangdong Law, etc., and has some research on company law and contract law.

Honorary award

Social function

He was the vice president of Zhaoqing Lawyers Association