Huo Guoqing


Huo Guoqing

Civil | Criminal procedure | enterprise and company | administration

Educational background

Master of Law, Guizhou Minzu University
Bachelor of Law, School of Arts and Economics, Yantai University

Work experience

He used to work in Guohao Law (Guiyang) Firm and now joins Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm as a full-time lawyer.

Key performance

1. Acting Yangshan County Qigong Town village two villagers group v. Guangdong Qingyuan City people's Government, Guangdong Province people's government and the third party Linan County Yao Autonomous County Zhaigang town village three villagers group forest land ownership dispute case. [The subject matter of the case is nearly 6,000 mu of forest land and trees]

2. Acting Huang Moumou v. a street office of a people's government of Guangzhou, a district water Bureau of Guangzhou forced demolition dispute case. [Confirm that the demolition is illegal and compensate for the loss]

3. Acting for a logistics Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou City against the shareholders of a company in Chongqing, Dai Mou, Pang Mou, the implementation of the objection lawsuit dispute. [Ruling that Dai and Pang shall bear joint liability within the range of 30 million yuan of investment]

4. Acting Yang Mou v. He Mou, Yang Mou partnership agreement dispute case. [The defendant was sentenced to return nearly 700,000 yuan investment funds]

5. Acting Yang Mou vs. Tang Mou partnership agreement dispute case. [More than 1.1 million yuan of investment funds returned to the parties]

6. Acting for Guangzhou Enterprise Management Co., LTD., Hangzhou Enterprise Management Co., LTD., and domestic famous movie star Hu Mou infringement of portrait rights dispute. [The subject matter of the case is 3 million yuan]

7. Acting Pan, Huang and other four people v. a village committee of Yangshan County forestry contract dispute case. [More than 1,000 mu of forest land and trees involved in the case]

8. Entrepreneur Wu Mou huge tax evasion case. [The taxable business income involved in the case was 25.534 million yuan]

9. Yu So-and-so gathered a crowd fighting case, a successful case of innocence defense, handling the case of Yu so-and-so.

10. Qiu So-and-so organized prostitution case, not approved arrest, successful bail.

11. Huang Moumou prostitution case, successfully downgraded, light sentence.

12. Liu XX is guilty of illegally providing programs and tools for intruding into and illegally controlling computer information systems.

Main treatise

Research on the Identification of Joint Debt between Husband and Wife

Chinese Type of Good Person Law - Legislative Analysis of the Conditions for the Establishment of Article 184 of the General Provisions of the Civil Law

Honorary award

Social function