Ji Hong



Ji Hong

Legal counsel | copyright, trademark, patent | arbitration | administrative litigation | government investment and financing

Educational background

From September 1996 to July 2003, she received his Bachelor of Law degree from the Law School of Henan University
From March 2000 to July 2004, she received his Master's degree in Law from Zhengzhou University Law School

Work experience

Since July 2004, she has been engaged in law teaching. Since March 2014, she has been the deputy Dean of the School of Management of Zhongkai College of Agricultural Engineering.
He began to work as a part-time lawyer in November 2011.

Key performance

Some cases:

1. Served as legal counsel of provincial government departments;

2. Served as legal counsel for several state-owned enterprises;

3. Undertook due diligence work for multiple mergers and acquisitions.

Main treatise

Published in November 2013, "On the Construction of China's Corporate Social Responsibility Implementation System" [J]

The third issue of 2013, "On the Protection of Rural Women's Land Rights and Interests" [J]

Study on the Protection of Internet Intellectual Property Rights (Issue 3, 2014) [J] Rural areas in Southern China

Published in November 2016 "Shareholder Derivative Litigation Settlement System Research" [J] Citizenship and law

Honorary award

Won the provincial Department of Education thousand hundred school-level training object title
Won the title of best instructor of Provincial Private Association

Social function

Member of the CPPCC Haizhu District
Arbitrator of Guangzhou Arbitration Commission