Jiang Qi



Jiang Qi

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Educational background

She graduated from Xiamen University

Work experience

From 2002 to 2006, she worked in a company in Guangzhou and a company in Macau
Since 2007, Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm intern lawyer, lawyer

Key performance

For many years, she has provided legal services to the Guangzhou Municipal Finance Bureau and the Financial Collection and Management Branch of the Guangzhou Municipal Finance Bureau.

He has provided legal services for Guangzhou Branch of PICC for many years.

Used to be the legal adviser of Guangzhou Bank and other units;

Acted as "820" large transnational telecommunications network fraud defendant Chen Mou defense.


Main treatise

Honorary award

Won the "Excellent Debater Award" of the 3rd Guangzhou Lawyers Debate Competition

Social function