Li Dawei


Li Dawei

Breach of contract and tort | intellectual property | construction projects | foreign affairs | real estate | enterprises and companies | criminal defense

Educational background

Bachelor of Laws, Guangzhou University
Master of Laws, China University of Political Science and Law

Work experience

Guangdong Hebang Law Firm
Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law firm

Key performance

Cases represented by Lawyer Li Dawei:

1. Enterprises and companies

Yangjiang Yoneng Industrial Co., Ltd. and Yangjiang Yoneng Industrial Co., LTD.

Dispute over equity transfer between Fan and Xia;

2. Intellectual property

Dispute over the infringement of Xue's invention patent by Guangzhou An Trading Co., LTD.;

A dispute over the infringement of Xu's design patent right by Guangzhou Keke Technology Co., LTD.;

3. Real Estate engineering

Construction contract dispute between a bureau of China Construction and Huizhou Ding * Real Estate Development Co., LTD.

Zhang Mou, Wang Mou and other 29 people and Qingyuan Shi a country a real estate Co., LTD. Commercial housing transaction dispute case;

4. Economic crimes

Zhao Mou and other crimes of obstructing the management order of the company and the enterprise;

Qin and other crimes of intellectual property infringement

5. Foreign-related or international legal services

International trade dispute between FARID PRODUCTS of Bangladesh and Hong Kong Packaging Co., LTD., Guangdong Foreign Trade Co., LTD.

Chinese citizens Du Mou, Chen Mou and GingerInvestments LLC foreign investment dispute in Florida.

Main treatise

On the Judicial Protection System and Judicial Practice of Foreign-Related Intellectual Property Rights in Chinese Enterprises

On the Dilemma of Real Estate Engineering Cases in Judicial Execution Procedure and Its Solution

On the Risks of Chinese Foreign Trade Enterprises in International Trade and Its Countermeasures

Risk Prevention Measures of Multinational Enterprises in the Field of International Investment and Financing Business

On the Impact of Equity Layout Design and Equity Structure on the Future Talent Introduction, Investment and Financing of Companies

On the Reference Value of Legal Due Diligence Report to Investment and Financing

On the Principles and Basic Skills of Defense in Economic Criminal Cases

Honorary award

Guangzhou outstanding Communist Youth League member

Social function

Supervisor of Guangzhou Qunli Social Service Center
Qunli - Director of AiChuanjia Legal Service Center