Li Jiawei


Li Jiawei

Legal counsel | foreign affairs | finance | securities

Educational background

Bachelor of Law, Peking University
Master of Laws, Georgetown University

Work experience

Since 2009, he has worked as a full-time lawyer in Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm.

Key performance

1. Issued legal opinions and lawyers' work reports on Guangdong Baoli Hua New Energy Co., LTD. 's (listing) issuance of RMB2 billion medium-term notes, non-public offering of RMB3.1 billion A-shares, and public issuance of RMB3 billion corporate bonds;

2. Provided legal services for Guangdong Persia Technology Co., LTD. 's listing on the New Third Board, financing of 60 million yuan and application for public issuance of A-shares, and issued legal opinions and lawyers' work reports;

3. Issued legal opinions on Guangdong Tianhe Agricultural Materials Co., LTD. 's application for public issuance of A-shares, provided legal services on its acquisition of factories, comprehensive supermarkets and other businesses, and issued due diligence reports and legal opinions;

4. Served as the perennial legal adviser of Guangdong Guanghong Holding Co., LTD. (listed), and provided legal advice for its small finance loan business.


Foreign business:

1. Participated in international commercial arbitration on behalf of Hong Kong clients, agreed in the contract to use English as the arbitration language, and acted as the main agent to debate and question witnesses in English throughout the court;

2. Representing Canadian clients in shareholder disputes in China and Canada, and providing legal opinions on Chinese legal issues in English to the courts of Quebec, Canada on behalf of clients;

3. Handled intellectual property disputes in China and Italy on behalf of Hong Kong clients, jointly issued legal opinions with Italian lawyers to the Beijing High People's Court, and represented clients in litigation;

4. Provided legal advice in English to Attune Consulting Beijing office.

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