Dai Xiaohong



Dai Xiaohong

Legal counsel | enterprises and companies | Internet and high technology | marriage family | family business

Educational background

She graduated from Hunan College of Commerce with a bachelor's degree in law.

Work experience

January 1992 - August 2001 Staff member of Dazhen Cement Factory, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province
September 2001 - July 2004 Assistant lawyer of Guangdong Guozheng Law Firm
August 2004 - September 2005 Department Director of Guangzhou Zhongyida Automobile Trading Co., LTD
September 2005 -- March 2012 Department Director of Guangzhou Guangxiang Enterprise Group Co., LTD
Since March 2012, Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm has been a full-time lawyer

Key performance

1. Provide legal services for fund manager filing and fund filing of Sijia, Puyi and other companies.

2. Participated in the perennial legal counsel of Guangzhou Key Public Construction Project Management Office, China Foreign Trade Center (Canton Fair) and its subsidiary China Import and Export Fair, participated in the review, modification of contracts and issuance of legal opinions. She has served as and participated in the legal counsel of Guangdong Performance Industry Association, Canton Fair, Fast Shicheng Company, Place Lighting Design Company, Kexin Culture, three domain technology, Guangzhou Yifu Nursing Home, Bond 007, Yidao Sports, Huapai Photography, Haimeng Clothing, Wenfei clothing, Puyingshi Tea, Green Lion Media technology, Shabba Bay Hai Tian Tourism, Honghua Silk printing, Hey Movement she is the perennial legal adviser to dozens of enterprises and institutions such as Wanning Property, and provides legal services for some enterprises to carry out the company's shareholding reorganization, share split reform, equity incentive, New third board listing, equity transfer, etc.

3. Handled hundreds of civil and commercial cases such as private lending, payment disputes, marriage and family, inheritance, etc.

Main treatise

Honorary award

In 2013, 2014 and 2015, she was awarded the outstanding lawyer of Shengbang Legal System for three consecutive years

Social function

Deputy Chairman of the third General Branch of Civil Construction Guangzhou, Deputy Chairman of the second branch, Deputy director of the Youth Committee, member of the Provincial Science and Information Technology Commission;
Executive Director and Deputy Secretary-General of Criminology Research Institute of Guangdong Province Law Society;
Member of the Lawyer Study Association of Guangdong Law Society;
Member of Guangzhou Internet Finance Association.