Li Jinghong


Li Jinghong

Internet and high technology | civil | Legal counsel | finance | securities

Educational background

Bachelor of Laws, Jiujiang University

Work experience

Since 2014, he has worked for well-known domestic law firms Beijing Yingke (Shenzhen) Law Firm, Beijing Bank of China (Shenzhen) Law Firm and Guangdong Guangxin Junda Law Firm.

Key performance

1. Capital market: Participate in the undertaking of equity merger and acquisition projects of listed companies and non-listed companies, and host customized equity transaction plans, business negotiations and issue legal opinions; Participate in the undertaking of a number of domestic enterprises new third board listing projects and help enterprises successfully listed; Participate in the annual shareholders' meeting of listed companies to witness and issue legal opinions. Typical cases are: Lihua Shares (300761) to the CP Group (HK:00043) subsidiary wholly-owned acquisition project, Renyin shares (837177) Yunfu merger and acquisition project, Huahui biological Yunfu merger and acquisition project, Zunsoft big data Industrial park merger and acquisition project, Erlong trading Dongying merger and acquisition project, Baiosen (838287) listed, said Jiaoyang (839364) listed Listing, Blue Taiyuan (430449) annual shareholders' meeting witness.

2. Legal counsel: Provided perennial legal counsel services for Lingfan Group, conducted business negotiations with investors on behalf of the company for many times, designed equity transaction plans and assisted clients to complete financing cooperation. For the Pinglian Expressway project to provide comprehensive legal services for the millennium ancient temple Henglong Temple, on behalf of Henglong Temple and Jiangxi Provincial Department of Transportation, Pingxiang City, Pingxiang Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Pingxiang Municipal Residents Bureau and other government departments to communicate and negotiate for the legitimate rights and interests of Henglong Temple.

3. Entertainment games: handled a number of celebrity reputation rights disputes, provided comprehensive legal services for a number of games owned by a wholly-owned subsidiary of Starlight Entertainment (300043), provided legal consulting services for well-known LOL e-sports players, and provided comprehensive legal services for Beijing Mumu Art Museum.

4. Civil and commercial litigation: undertook a large number of civil and commercial cases, with a cumulative target of over 100 million.

Main treatise

Honorary award

Social function

Member of e-sports and online game Business Professional Committee of Guangzhou Lawyers Association