Deng Gang


Deng Gang

Economic crime criminal | Labor and Social security | enterprise and company | civil

Educational background

Bachelor of Engineering, Hunan University
Master of Laws, Sun Yat-sen University

Work experience

He is now a partner of Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm
He has been a lawyer of Guangdong Shenglun Law Firm, head of investment and financing law Department and partner

Key performance

Mr. Deng has rich practical experience in the field of litigation and non-litigation legal services, and is a research-oriented and expert lawyer. Deng's team of lawyers can provide professional and comprehensive solutions to difficult and complex legal problems encountered by clients.
In terms of litigation and arbitration, Mr. Deng is good at handling major and difficult civil and commercial disputes, good at case planning, with excellent trial control, defense and negotiation skills, and can put forward targeted litigation strategies according to the progress of the case trial to break through the difficulties of the case.
Mr. Deng has rich experience in handling cases in the fields of equity disputes, company and enterprise disputes, labor disputes, contract disputes, creditor's rights and debts disputes, guarantee disputes, real estate disputes, construction contract disputes, copyright and trademark disputes, economic crimes and criminal cases, etc. Some typical representative cases he has handled include:
The first national self-funded pilot and airline labor dispute, the arbitration award of the pilot to pay liquidated damages is only 90,000 yuan, about one twentieth of the previous pilot compensation amount, and the two sides settled the case after the first trial;
A shareholder liability dispute of an investment company (the subject amount exceeds 80 million yuan);
A real estate company shareholders liquidation liability and other series of disputes (in the debtor is "empty shell" situation, lawyer Deng filed a series of lawsuits for clients to achieve nearly 100 million yuan of claims);
A dispute over the lease contract of a commercial complex (the subject matter involves about 50 million yuan, and the settlement of nearly 100 sublet small owners is involved);
A series of group stock trading disputes of a company (the subject matter of the dispute is the stock of a Hong Kong listed company);
The world's largest professional game developer foreign-related cooperation dispute (the defendant of the case is a top 500 multinational enterprise);
A dispute over stock options and restricted shares of one of the world's largest e-commerce companies (the subject of the dispute is shares of overseas listed companies);
Contract dispute of an international freight forwarding company (involving administrative license qualification and other regulatory issues);
A series of consumer rights disputes and product quality disputes of a famous multinational enterprise in the world's top 500 companies (the case was filed by a professional anti-counterfeiting person as the plaintiff in a series of lawsuits in many courts, and the lawsuit was withdrawn due to hopeless success after the trial);
Compulsory liquidation case of an investment company (involving company deadlock);
A central enterprise vs. an enterprise restructuring and major assets infringement case;
A company series of financial leasing contract disputes.
Due to the planning consciousness and case handling effect reflected in the litigation cases, Mr. Deng has won many business achievement awards and been widely praised by clients. The relevant cases have been reported to mainstream media such as Information Times, Nanfang Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, Guangzhou Daily, Southern TV Station, Guangzhou TV Station, etc., which has achieved good social effects while safeguarding the rights and interests of the parties.
He has rich practical experience and in-depth research in the fields of capital market, merger and acquisition, equity structure setting, corporate governance, capital increase and share expansion, New Third Board, equity incentive, venture capital, bond issuance, trust, protection of the rights and interests of small and medium-sized investors, enterprise annuity, state-owned enterprise reform, financial leasing, asset securitization, government and administrative legal affairs. In the Internet, e-commerce, cosmetics, communications, software, energy, generator equipment, medical equipment, real estate, machinery manufacturing, FMCG, automobile, catering, education and training, veterinary medicine, biological products, Marine aquaculture and other fields, Mr. Deng has handled a large number of domestic and foreign mergers and acquisitions and investment and financing cases:
The establishment and daily operation and management of the first Guangzhou Municipal Government guidance fund;
Participate in the preparation and establishment of a public offering fund by shareholders;
Providing legal services on the establishment and operation of various investment funds;
Advising clients on their investment in a financial leasing company limited;
Provide due diligence, commercial negotiation, drafting legal documents and other special services for the real estate development and acquisition of an overseas enterprise (with a total target value of more than 1.6 billion yuan);
Provide special services for a well-known enterprise group to acquire more than 300 small owner commercial real estate projects;
Provide legal advisory services for enterprise annuity investment management of a central enterprise client;
For many national brand manufacturers and chain institutions, group enterprises to provide special legal services, to solve the problem of employee motivation, shareholders and employees competition, protection of trade secrets and other issues;
Provide perennial legal counsel and special legal services for listed companies such as Dahua Nong and Unanimous Pharmaceutical;
Provide special services for a financial institution to solve some historical problems left over after the overall listing;
For a long time to provide equity incentive legal services for high-tech enterprises, Internet, e-commerce, manufacturing, brand chain institutions and other fields; Provide legal services for many enterprises listed on the new third board;
Mr. Deng has provided legal services for the registration or issuance of various corporate bonds, involving a cumulative amount of more than RMB 3 billion, and has in-depth research on corporate asset securitization;
Issued legal opinions for the overall restructuring of state-owned enterprises such as subordinate units of a well-known brand enterprise group.
Mr. Deng participated in a key provincial and municipal engineering project with a planned investment of more than 10.8 billion yuan, and as the host lawyer, Mr. Deng provided full legal services for the development, investment promotion and operation of the project.
Mr. Deng has served as a legal advisor for many party and government organs and public institutions in Guangdong Province and Guangzhou, providing legal services for administrative decision-making, administrative punishment, administrative reconsideration, administrative litigation and other matters; He has participated in local legislation on technology entrepreneurship as an invited expert. Provide special legal services for the issuance and management of Guangzhou Social Security Card (financial card); Provide legal services for environmental protection and administrative compensation for enterprises Typical cases include administrative punishment, administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation of a port in the Pearl River Delta.
Mr. Deng is familiar with media and Internet laws and regulations. He is a special guest of the legal column of the People's Voice, the organ of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial People's Congress. He has been a guest of news media such as Information Times and Guangzhou Radio and Television for a long time. And with the Southern Metropolis Daily, Guangdong TV, Yangcheng Evening News, Beijing People's Radio Station, Guangzhou Daily, Southern Daily, Southern Satellite TV and many other media to establish a friendly relationship; In addition, we provide legal services for many media and have a good reputation in the industry.

In the field of criminal cases, Mr. Deng mainly handles economic cases such as illegal fund-raising and false VAT invoices; A series of cases involving a company that had acted as a defender illegally absorbing public deposits was one of the top 10 cases supervised by the Ministry of Public Security in 2018.

Main treatise

Treatise: "Research on the Legal Issues of Basic Assets in Enterprise Asset Securitization in China".

Thesis:"New Approaches to Debt Recovery: Shareholders of a" Hundred Million Yuan Company "Fulfill Their Capital Contribution Obligations in Advance", published in the 6th issue of "Voice of the People" in 2017.

Thesis:"Employee Exit Mechanism under Equity Incentive", published in "Voice of the People", Issue 5, 2016.

Thesis:"The Flood Destroyed the Dragon King Temple, Or Did Shareholders Intentionally Evade Liquidation Responsibility", published in "Practical Wisdom of Company Law", edited by Guangzhou Lawyers Association, China Legal Publishing House, 2016 edition.

Thesis:"Reform of the Company's Registered Capital System:" Medical Accidents "or" Market Remedies ", published in Guangdong Lawyers, 2014, Issue 12.

Thesis:: "Why Small People Always Get Beated - Chinese Ritual Culture and Micro Legal Environment Governance", published in the April 2014 issue of Guangdong Lawyer.

Thesis:"Yellow Light Dilemma:" Stop "or" Go "- A Brief Analysis of the First Administrative Litigation Case of" Running Yellow Light "in China", published in "Selected Works of Guangdong Lawyers" (2012), Law Press, 2013 edition< Guangdong Lawyers><Guangdong Lawyers><Guangdong Lawyers>

Thesis:"Alternative Literati Outside the System" - An Analysis of the Dependence and Contradictional Psychology of the Public on Litigators in Ancient China ", published in Guangdong Lawyers, 2012, Issue 4.

Treatise:Participated in the compilation of the "New Complete Book of Common Enterprise Management Systems", China Legal Publishing House, April 2011, 1st edition.

Treatise:Participated in the compilation of "Reengineering of Human Resource Management Process under the Labor Contract Law and Implementation Regulations", China Legal Publishing House, 1st edition in November 2008, 2nd edition in March 2011. This book was awarded the Theoretical Achievement Award by the Guangzhou Lawyers Association in 2008.

Honorary award

In 2010, "Top Ten Debaters" (four arguments) in the first Guangzhou Lawyers Debate Contest;
In 2011, Guangzhou Bar Association "Business Achievement Award", a difficult dispute lawsuit of Guangdong Provincial High Court, the case after three retrials, lasting ten years, lawyer Deng represented the provincial High Court arraignment stage was changed to win the case;
In 2011, the first guiding fund project of Guangzhou Municipal Government won the "Business Achievement Award" of Guangzhou Bar Association again, and was the only lawyer to win two business awards in the same year;
In 2011, Mr. Deng served as the team leader and the main speaker to represent Guangzhou in the "First Guangdong Lawyers Legal Service Project Mock Bidding Competition" and won the group second prize;
In 2012, a special fund legal service project won the "Business Achievement Award" of Guangzhou Bar Association;
In 2012, a major group labor dispute bill won the Guangzhou Bar Association "Maintenance of Social stability Award";
In 2013, Guangdong Lawyers Association "Guangdong Lawyers" paper selection third prize;
In 2014, first prize in the paper selection of Guangdong Lawyers by Guangdong Lawyers Association;
In 2016, "Excellent Lawyer" of Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm;
In 2009, won the third prize in the first speech contest of Guangdong Lawyers Association;
Mr. Deng also won the honorary title of provincial Outstanding Young Volunteer.

Social function

Member of All China Lawyers Association
Guangdong Vocational and Technical College of Industry and Trade external law teacher
Executive Director of Social Law Research Institute, Guangdong Law Society