Cao Liusheng


Cao Liusheng

Enforcement | arbitration | liquidation and bankruptcy | Legal counsel | state assets

Educational background

1985-1987 Majored in Law at Northwest University of Political Science and Law
1995-1997 Graduate student in International Relations, Jinan University

Work experience

1982-1994 Judge of Military Court of Urumqi Military Region and Military Court of Lanzhou Military Region
1994-1999 Deputy Director of Guangdong Foreign Economic Law Firm
1999-2002 Director of Guangdong Foreign Economic Law Firm
Since 2002, Partner of Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm

Key performance

Non-litigation Legal Services:

Acting as perennial legal counsel for dozens of large multinational companies, enterprises, institutions and financial institutions;

Advising large multinational companies on multi-billion dollar investments in China;

Provide special legal services for joint venture cooperation of several highway projects;

Participated in a number of corporate debt restructuring and acquisitions.


Litigation Legal Services:

Acting in shareholder infringement disputes of listed companies with the subject matter of litigation exceeding RMB 180 million;

Acting for 150 million RMB national debt repurchase dispute case;

Acting for the execution of a bank subject matter of more than 770 million yuan;

Acting for a bank target of 120 million yuan execution cases;

Acting in foreign-related arbitration cases whose subject matter exceeds 150 million yuan;

Acting in foreign-related litigation, execution and bankruptcy cases, with the subject matter exceeding 140 million yuan;

Acting in disputes over unfair competition and trademark infringement;

Acted for dozens of litigation/execution cases with the target of more than 10 million yuan, and achieved good litigation and execution results.

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