Lin Jiajing


Lin Jiajing

Marriage and family | civil | criminal procedure

Educational background

Bachelor of Law, Guangdong Police College

Work experience

Ms. Lin graduated from Guangdong Police College and has practiced law for four years. She has rich experience in criminal defense and civil and commercial affairs. In the criminal field, she has handled more than 80 criminal cases. In civil affairs, he has handled more than 100 cases, and has accumulated rich experience in handling cases such as divorce, housing transfer and leasing litigation.

Key performance

Acting for Pan suspected of drug trafficking cases;

Agent Chen suspected of participating in the crime of organized crime of triad nature;

Acting for Chen suspected of smuggling, trafficking, transportation, manufacturing drugs of second instance cases;

Agent Zhu suspected of intentional injury case

Acting CAI Mou smuggling general goods, articles crime case.

Main treatise

Honorary award

Social function