Lin Xuan


Lin Xuan

Economic dispute litigation | inheritance dispute | Legal adviser | wealth inheritance | village legal adviser | marriage and family | criminal defense | family business

Educational background

Master of Laws, Sun Yat-sen University

Work experience

January 2007 - December 2013 Guangdong Guan Law Firm full-time lawyer
Since January 2014, Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm has been a full-time lawyer

Key performance

Lawyer Lin Xuan has represented nearly 100 divorce dispute cases, from the legal provisions, judicial practice, spouse psychology, and how to facilitate the physical and mental health of children and other perspectives, patiently resolved the disputes between the two parties, won the praise of most clients, and achieved a number of cases to mediation and settlement of good results;

Acting in many civil economic disputes such as lease contract disputes, private lending disputes, insurance contract disputes, etc., through pre-litigation investigation and analysis, property preservation and other legal measures, to secure the greatest economic interests for the client;

Accepted the assignment of Guangdong Legal Aid Bureau and Guangzhou Legal Aid Office for many times, served as a defense lawyer in many criminal cases, and seriously and responsibly provided legal services to the recipients, so that the recipients could obtain fair rulings with leniency, reduced punishment and immunity from prosecution according to law;

Acted as a legal adviser to a number of street and village committees, patiently coordinated civil disputes such as elevator disputes and land lease contract disputes among residents and villagers, publicized laws, and resolved disputes in a timely manner.

Main treatise

Honorary award

2016 Excellent Village (community) Legal Advisor of Conghua District

Social function

Member of the ninth Marriage and Family Law Professional Committee of Guangzhou Lawyers Association
Member of the 10th Corporate Law Professional Committee of Guangdong Lawyers Association
The first batch of duty lawyers in detention centers of Guangzhou Legal Aid Department