Liu Donghe


Liu Donghe

Construction engineering | Legal counsel | real estate | Copyright, trademark, patent | Marriage and family

Educational background

Guangdong Police College law major
Law major, Sun Yat-sen University
National Level 3 psychological consultant

Work experience

2006-2016 Guangdong Jinlian Law Firm

2016-present Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm

Key performance

Non-litigation areas:

Served as the company's legal adviser, providing daily legal advice, contract review, legal knowledge training, business risk prevention, legal feasibility demonstration of major business projects and legal advice. She has provided legal counsel services for more than 20 enterprises such as Shanxi Provincial Office in Guangzhou, Guangzhou New Modern Pictorial, Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Product Marketing Company, Guangdong Saint John Clothing, Guangzhou Zhenhong Logistics, Guangdong Haixing Trade, Guangzhou Meijia Biotechnology, Let's go Trade, Nanfeng Construction Group, etc.

Areas of litigation:

Adhering to the practice philosophy of due diligence and excellence, we have represented a large number of economic and civil cases for our clients. She has acted for Guangzhou Municipal Landscape Engineering Company, Provincial Construction Engineering Company, Moon Bay Decoration Design Company, Guangdong Panda International Tourism Company, Provincial Archives Bureau, Guangzhou Steel Group Engineering Company, Provincial Laogan Center, Provincial Laogan University, Guangzhou Guobao Medical and many other units and individuals. Centralized handling of a large number of project payment recovery, first-hand, second-hand housing transaction disputes, contract disputes, trademark infringement, marriage and family cases, for the majority of customers to achieve good litigation results.


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