Liu Zhiqiang


Liu Zhiqiang

Economic crime | Legal adviser | Criminal responsibility risk prevention

Educational background

He graduated from Jinggangshan University in 1989
He graduated from Sun Yat-sen University in 1995
He graduated from Sun Yat-sen University in 2004

Work experience

1995-2005 Assistant researcher and Associate Researcher of Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences
Since 2005, Professor of Law and doctoral supervisor of Human Rights Research Institute of Guangzhou University

Key performance

Lawyer Liu Zhiqiang has a solid academic theory, careful thinking, attention to evidence, good at finding doubts in the case, eloquence, good at criminal defense, civil and commercial difficult cases and other cases. Since 2006, he has given lectures on human rights issues in criminal procedure Law to the Criminal Police Detachment of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, the Criminal Investigation Corps of Hunan Public Security Department, the People's Court of Dongguan City, Jieyang Public Security Bureau, Qingyuan Public Security Bureau, Qingyuan People's Court, and Jiangxi Fu Political and Legal Committee. The defense of more than a dozen classic cases, the main defense cases involved in crime, intentional injury, fraud, contract fraud, bribery, bill fraud, non-state staff bribery, counterfeiting registered trademark crime, major liability accidents and other cases.


Main treatise

Authored by:

Luo Longji's Theory of Human Rights, PhD thesis, Sun Yat-sen University, 2004

The Debate on Human Rights in Modern China (Social Sciences Academic Press, 2009)

Human Rights History Draft (China Democracy and Legal Press, 2014)

Human Rights, Rule of Law and Democracy (Law Press, 2013)

Research on State Obligations in Human Rights Law (Law Press, 2015)

On Political Constitutionalism (Qunyan Publishing House, 2016)

He has published more than 50 academic papers in journals such as Legal Research, Chinese Law, Law Review, Political Science and Law Forum, Legal Science, Administrative Law Research, Yanhuang Chunqiu, Academic Monthly, Journal of Sun Yat-sen University, Open Times, Modern Philosophy, Academia, Southeast Academia, Nanjing University Law Review, Hong Kong 21st Century, etc A surname

In addition, Liu Zhiqiang presided over 16 projects including the National Social Science Foundation Project, the National Human Rights Education and Training Base major project, the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science planning project, the China Democratic League commissioned project, the Guangdong Provincial University Humanities and Social Science Key Base major project, and the Guangzhou Philosophy and Social Science Planning project.

Honorary award

Liu Zhiqiang, "Modern Chinese Human Rights Debate" (Social Sciences Academic Press 2009 edition), won the third prize in the category of Outstanding scientific Research Achievements of the sixth Young and middle-aged Constitutional Scholars of China Law Society;
Liu Zhiqiang's "Human Rights History Draft" (China Democratic and Legal Press 2014 edition), won the second prize of the fourth Legal Culture Research Achievements organized by the Ministry of Education and other units;
Liu Zhiqiang, Ed. "Human Rights, Rule of Law and Democracy" (Law Press, 2013 edition), one of the top ten most influential books of 2013 by Law Press.

Social function

Chief legal adviser of Shenzhen Yijiate Group Technology Co., LTD
Legal Director, Dongguan Mingsheng Electronics Co., LTD
Researcher, Legal Empirical Research Center, China University of Political Science and Law
Research Fellow, Law Theory and Law Practice Research Center, Sun Yat-sen University
Part-time researcher of Guangzhou Procuratorial Office
Researcher, Public Participation and Development Center, Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences