Long Jing



Long Jing

Labor and Social Security | Construction engineering | Marriage and family | Legal adviser | foreign | criminal liability risk prevention

Educational background

1. September 2008 - July 2011: studied in Fuzhou University (211 Project University) Law School, majoring in master of Law, and passed the judicial qualification examination during this period;
2. September 2002 - July 2006: Majored in English at the School of Foreign Languages, Henan Polytechnic University.

Work experience

1. Since September 2017, worked as a full-time lawyer in Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm;
2. From September 2016 to July 2017, provided on-site legal services for Guangzhou Key Public Construction Project Management Office (now renamed "Guangzhou Construction Project Agency Bureau");
3. September 2011 - August 2016: Engaged in administrative work and legal business in Guangdong Global Jingwei Law Firm.

Key performance

Guangzhou Internet celebrity catering "waiting for me to send" perennial legal consultant;

Guangzhou Weston Business Management Co., LTD. Perennial legal consultant;

Guangzhou Baosen Trading Co., Ltd. perennial legal consultant;

Guangzhou Shanpu Trading Co., Ltd. perennial legal counsel.

Main treatise

Honorary award

2011-2013 Excellent Communist Party Member of Guangzhou Lawyers Association.

Social function