Meng Xu


Meng Xu

Criminal procedure | copyright | Economic crime | criminal liability risk prevention | common crime

Educational background

Department of Economic Law, China University of Political Science and Law

Work experience

2003-present Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm

Key performance

Lawyer Meng Xu is proficient in criminal law, criminal procedure law, criminal case defense, and intellectual property rights litigation or non-litigation business. He has defended defendants (suspects) in numerous criminal cases, provided legal counsel services for many enterprises, and answered legal advice in the legal column of Guangzhou TV, some cases have been reported by the news media.

Lawyer Meng Xu adheres to the pursuit of legal justice, upholds the legal principles of statutory crime, no doubt of guilt, and the benefit of doubt belongs to the defendant, protects the legitimate rights and interests of the defendant (suspect) in multiple criminal cases according to law, and strives to put an end to unjust, false and wrong cases. Meng Xu is committed to the criminalization and professional defense of criminal defense, emphasizing effective defense and striving to achieve the effect of innocence or light crime. Lawyer Meng Xu's case handling principles: heavy regulations, heavy evidence, heavy cases, not grandiose, not light promises, not mixed.

Lawyer Meng Xu has good professional ethics, legal literacy and case-handling ability, and has won the general praise and trust of clients.

Some cases:

1. Zeng Mouqiu and Zeng Mourui were charged with robbery

2. Zeng is accused of counterfeiting registered trademarks

3. Chen shrimp, Su Mou Kee accused of drug smuggling crimes

4. Chen was charged with duty embezzlement crime

5. Fan was charged with robbery

6. Hu was charged with robbery

7. Li was charged with the crime of obstructing public affairs

8. Liang was charged with robbery

9. Lin Mouping was charged with drug trafficking

10. Liu was charged with robbery

11. Liu was charged with robbery

12. Mo Mou Ping was charged with the crime of transporting drugs

13. Shi was charged with illegal business, false report of registered capital crime, contract fraud crime

14. Tan Mou Qiu was charged with intentional injury crime

15. Wang was charged with casino crimes

16. Yang Mouping was charged with extortion

17. Zhang was charged with dangerous driving

18. Zhang was charged with theft

19. Zhao Mou Xia is accused of selling counterfeit trademark goods crime

20. Meng was charged with illegal practice of medicine

21. Zou was accused of introducing prostitution

22. Zhou was charged with duty embezzlement crime

23. CAI is accused of selling counterfeit registered trademark goods crime

24. Luo Mou Wu was charged with illegal business crimes

25. Zhang was charged with intentional homicide

26. Fan Mouliang was charged with illegal possession of drugs

27. Wang was charged with credit card fraud

28. Wang Mouhui was charged with the crime of producing fake drugs

29. Zhang Mou Ping accused of fraud

30. Zhou was charged with intentional injury crime

31. Li Mou Bing is accused of producing and selling toxic and harmful food crimes

32. Cheng was charged with illegal control of computer information system crime

33. Fumou LAN is accused of selling counterfeit registered trademark goods crime

34. Li Mou Hua was charged with fraud

35. Lin Mou Jian was charged with robbery

36. Liu was charged with picking quarrels and provoking trouble

37. Yang Mou Jing was charged with counterfeiting registered trademark crime

38. Wang Moufang was charged with fraud (acting for the victim)

39. Zhen Mou Qiang accused of intentional injury crime (acting victim)

40. Li Mouran and Liang Moujian are accused of picking quarrels and provoking trouble (acting as victims)

41. Acting for a Guangdong audio and video company copyright rights series cases (audio and video products copyright)

42. Acting for Guangzhou Electronics Co., Ltd. v. Guangzhou Audio Co., Ltd. software infringement dispute (software copyright)

43. Acting for a Guangzhou clothing Co., LTD. Copyright rights series (art works copyright)

44. Acting for a Taiwan-funded enterprise v. Dongguan two lighting company patent dispute (patent)

45. Acting for Fujian Group company v. Sichuan Silk company patent dispute (patent)

46. Acting for a battery factory in Kaiping, Guangdong Province v. a battery company in Guangzhou trademark dispute (trademark rights)

47. Acting for China Shi A company vs. Beijing Chang a company unfair competition dispute (anti-unfair competition)

Main treatise

Honorary award

Advanced individual in legal aid work in 2010

Social function

Member of the Criminal Services Division
Member of the Intellectual Property Department