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Educational background

2001-2005 Graduated from Southwest University of Political Science and Law with a Bachelor degree in Law.

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Guangdong Fulin Guotai Law Firm
Guangdong Guangxin Law Firm
Since 2011, Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm

Key performance


Some successful cases in criminal cases:

Crime of Tang Mou picking quarrels and provoking troubles: Tang Mou, Hunan, drinking, fighting and breaking up shops in Guangzhou, through the intervention of our lawyers from the public, prosecution and legal stages, negotiating, mediation and compensation for losses on behalf of Tang Mou, submitting lawyers' opinions to the public security and procuratorate, after defense, was mitigated by the Guangzhou Liwan District People's Court and sentenced to 9 months 'imprisonment;

Jiang Moubin counterfeiting registered trademark crime: Jiang Moubin, Guangdong, processing counterfeit LV and other international brand name bags, belts, wallets, etc., involved in a large amount of money, through the lawyer from the public, prosecution, legal stage of intervention, was finally reduced punishment, sentenced to 11 months in prison;

Chen (male), Chen (female) and other 3 people selling counterfeit registered trademark goods crime: Chen Mou, male, Guangdong Jieyang, in Guangzhou sales of counterfeit a variety of international famous watches, involved in the amount of more than 2 million, through the lawyer from the public, prosecution, legal stage intervention, after meeting to understand the situation, submission of lawyers and defense, Chen Mou (male) was reduced punishment, was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of one year and six months; Chen (female) and other two people were sentenced to nine months in prison, suspended;

Yin selling counterfeit drugs crime: Yin, Luoding City, Guangdong Province, in Guangzhou to assist her boyfriend to run a pharmacy business suspected of selling counterfeit drugs, through the lawyer from the public security investigation stage intervention, Yin received bail pending trial, reduced punishment, was sentenced to 7 months in prison;

Huang Mouguan drug trafficking crime: Huang Mouguan, Guangxi, was tempted to sell drugs for the first time, through the intervention of our lawyer from the stage of public security investigation, and finally received a reduced punishment, was sentenced to 9 months in prison;

Tang Mou was arrested for the crime of illegally absorbing public deposits with Song Mou (one of the bosses of Guangzhou New China Building, referred to as "Thirteen lines"). The case was a sensation from 2008 to 2013. After our lawyer intervened from the investigation stage, Tang Mou was released on bail and finally acquitted.

Pan theft, concealing the proceeds of crime crime: Pan, Guangxi, in Puning City, Guangdong Province into the household theft, a huge amount, the public security investigation to end the theft, cover up the crime to the prosecutor's prosecution, may be sentenced to more than ten years in prison, by the lawyer from the public, prosecutors, legal intervention, to the city procuratorate, the public Security Bureau to submit a lawyer's opinion to reflect the situation of torture played an important role in the investigation and verification of the procuratorate to the detention center, Finally, the offense of concealing the crime was revoked, part of the evidence was canceled, and the punishment was reduced by effective defense in court stage, and he was sentenced to 7 months in prison;

Zhang's theft case: Zhang Mou, Fujian, suspected of theft, Guangdong Green law firm lawyer Zhou Mou first instance, Guangzhou Tianhe District Court sentenced to 12 years and 3 months, Zhang Mou and his family refused to find the lawyer for the second instance, the lawyer carefully read and in-depth comparison of the evidence and put forward effective defense opinions, and finally the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court changed the sentence to 8 years in prison. The good effect of reducing the fixed-term imprisonment of 4 years and 3 months was obtained, which the parties considered to be in line with the facts and were very satisfied;

Zou rape crime: Zou, Hunan, in Guangzhou Haizhu District suspected of raping a young girl, after the lawyer from the public security investigation stage intervention, many times to the detention center to meet to understand the situation, learned that a female entry to provide false identity information, a woman to Zou (boss) have a good impression and get along for a period of time repeatedly have sex, the last time in the hotel after the relationship Zou left, a woman is very angry, Then proposed a huge amount of economic compensation, Zou did not give the police, after the lawyer submitted effective defense opinions, Zou was granted bail pending trial, and finally acquitted;

Zhuang intentional injury case: Zhuang, Jiangxi, operating an advertising company in Guangzhou Baiyun District, due to the recovery of payment for the other party does not give impulse to hurt, through the lawyer from the investigation stage to intervene, guide the parties actively find the other party compensation and issue a letter of understanding, apply for bail pending trial, and finally acquitted;

Zhong Mou fraud: Zhong Mou, Jieyang, Guangdong Province, suspected of selling fake and highly copied Apple (iPhone) mobile phones online, through the lawyer from the investigation stage to the court stage intervention, was eventually reduced to punishment, sentenced to 6 months in prison;

Li Mou, Secretary and chairman of a village Party committee in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, suspected of the crime of embezzlement and bribery of non-state staff, after the lawyer and the director of the criminal department of the firm lawyer Nan from the public, prosecution, legal stage intervention, Li Mou was reduced punishment, was sentenced to 7 years in prison.

Luo's crime of smuggling general goods: Luo, a native of Guangxi Province, was detained in Guangzhou Detention Center (within the military region) on suspicion of smuggling luxury cars for cross-province sales. The initial meeting with lawyers was refused or delayed for various reasons. Luo was tortured and beaten until his face was black and swollen. After meeting with my lawyer and Li, a colleague from the Criminal Department, I submitted my lawyer's opinion to the Guangzhou Military Detention Center, the Procuratorate of Nansha District of Guangzhou, and the Anti-smuggling Branch of Nansha Customs of Guangzhou, and reflected the situation through the media, I was interviewed and investigated by Guangzhou Customs. Finally, the interrogation room of the guard was required to install monitoring and stop extorting confessions by torture. Finally, the client was given a reduced punishment and sentenced to 3 years in prison.

Tan Mou smuggling general goods crime: Tan Mou, Guangxi, suspected of smuggling mink skin, involving more than 2 million yuan, was detained by Guangzhou Customs Nansha smuggling Bureau, the lawyer from the investigation stage of the involvement, after the bail, finally acquitted;

Liang a secretary (department level) position embezzlement (involved in nearly 200 million), bribery crime (more than 15 million) case: Liang, Guangdong, once served as a town Party secretary, mayor, deputy secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of a prefecture-level city Municipal Committee, deputy secretary-general of a prefecture-level city CPPCC and other positions. Accused of abuse of power, bribery, through our lawyer and criminal Department colleague lawyer Li from the procuratorate, court stage intervention, after dozens of times to the detention center to meet with Secretary Liang, many in-depth study of the case, to the procuratorate, the court for many times to submit legal opinions, two days of intense trial defense, submitted dozens of pages of defense after the court played a great role. A municipal intermediate People's Court notified the municipal Procuratorate after the second hearing to re-investigate the defendant's legal income over the years, and re-check the materials of the bribery case (note: The general court will not return the prosecutor's office to supplement the investigation after the hearing, proving the important role of our defense and struggle), and the case is still waiting for the third hearing. In the final trial, the defendant, Secretary Liang, was convicted of bribery and abuse of power, sentenced to 15 years in prison and fined 2.5 million yuan

Successful cases of marriage and family:

Guangdong Sun Yat-sen University Professor Pan Mou (male) divorce case: Pan Mou, American Chinese, after marriage to feelings are not good, the wife has a lover on the grounds of divorce agreement, because the agreement is not, Pan Mou luggage was thrown out of the house, both sides at the same time to the court for divorce. Through the lawyer's representation, patiently listen to Pan Mou's statement, guide the collection of evidence, analyze the advantages and disadvantages, and finally both sides agreed to court mediation, successful divorce, won the property rights, the parties are very satisfied.

Guangzhou Nansha District Chen Mou Ting (female) and Nansha Zheng police officer divorce case: Chen Mou Ting after marriage found that the military transfer of cadres Mr. Life habits difference, Mr. Machismo and domestic violence, then filed for divorce, the lawyer intervened in mediation, negotiation, the final agreement to divorce, both parties are satisfied, the plaintiff withdrew the prosecution;

Guangzhou Huang Mou (female) divorce case: Huang Mou and his husband emotional discord, there is domestic violence, his husband and mistress illegal cohabitation, through the lawyer intervention guidance collection of relevant evidence, the final court judgment divorce, half of the property, property;

Guangzhou Baiyun District Lin (female) divorce case: Lin Mou, female, Guangzhou people, her husband after marriage to cause discord between husband and wife and separated, her husband proposed divorce, involving real estate, bridge, property and other divisions, marital loans (joint debt) how to bear, child custody, etc., through the lawyer intervention guidance evidence collection and court proceedings, the final court decision not to grant divorce, to achieve the purpose of the parties, the client is satisfied;

Guangzhou Zhang Mou Li (female) divorce case: Zhang Mou female on the grounds of emotional disagreement can not continue to get along with the agreement to divorce, through the intervention of the lawyer to understand the different living habits, real estate, child custody, property, joint debt, work and other factors, through legal, rational, emotional analysis, and finally successfully recover the marriage, the parties are satisfied;

Guangzhou Public Security Bureau Xu Mou (male police) divorce case: Xu police officer on the grounds that his wife has an extramarital affair proposed a divorce agreement, through the intervention of the lawyer to understand the two sets of real estate, son support, degree, common debt, work and rest, lifestyle and other factors, from the perspective of law, reason, emotional in-depth analysis, successfully resolve the dispute, save the marriage, the parties satisfied;

Baiyun District of Guangzhou Li Mou (female) divorce case: involving housing, vehicles, stocks, company property, small three, two children and so on disputes, through the lawyer intervention finally reached a divorce agreement, Li Mou (female) received nearly one million compensation, successful divorce, both parties satisfied;

Guangzhou Wang Mou inheritance dispute case: the amount involved is 5 million, for Wang Mou to win a high amount of inheritance, the parties are satisfied.

Real estate success stories:

Handling a case of Guangzhou Wu man vs. Wu woman house sale dispute: the amount involved was 2.2 million yuan, Wu woman did not recognize Wu man's contribution to buy a house, put forward many reasons that only borrowed Wu man's money to buy, after the lawyer intervened and put forward effective agency opinions, the first instance and the second instance won;

Handling the case of Guangzhou Yan Mou and Huo Mou Hong housing sales dispute: the lawyer found that the buyer and real estate agents, mortgage companies collude in fraud, want to sell Yan Mou real estate to earn a huge difference, the lawyer carefully studied the case, put forward effective agency opinions in court, the first instance won;

Handling a case of objection to the execution of a house purchase contract dispute in the name of He Mou in Longgang District, Shenzhen: the amount involved was more than 5 million, and the first and second instance won;

Handle Guangzhou He Mou and Hong Kong Zhan Mou cohabitation to buy a house dispute case: the amount of more than 2 million yuan, the first instance won;

Handling a case of a joint venture housing property dispute involving a house in Yuancun Huang, Tianhe District, Guangzhou: the amount involved was more than 3 million yuan, and the case was won in the first instance.

Corporate and Corporate Legal Cases:

Handling a labor dispute dispute case of a Guangzhou management hotel Co., LTD. : The company's employees proposed labor arbitration with the employer's illegal termination of the labor contract, and the lawyer of a Guangzhou law firm lost the labor arbitration, and the chairman of the company found the lawyer to act as the agent, and both the first and second trials won the lawsuit, and the employer was satisfied;

Handling a case of industrial injury dispute of an employee of a limited company in Dongguan: the lawyer intervened in mediation and negotiation, and finally settled the case to the satisfaction of the employer;

Handled a case of entrustment contract dispute of a Guangdong tourism transportation Co., LTD. : The amount involved was 300,000 yuan, and won the first instance;

Handled a case of sales contract dispute between Dongguan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Industrial Co., LTD. : The amount involved was 3 million yuan, filed a counterclaim on behalf of Guangzhou Industrial Co., LTD., won the first instance, the other company agreed to settle the case, and the entrusting company was satisfied;

Handling disputes over the transfer of shares of Guangzhou An: the first instance and the second instance both won, and the parties were satisfied;

Handling the liquidation case of a Guangzhou trading Co., LTD. : Successful liquidation, sorting out claims and debts.

Other civil success stories:

A case of a sale contract dispute of a Hong Kong Accessories Gift Packaging Co., LTD. : The buyer defaulted on payment for goods, the amount involved was 3 million yuan, and the case was settled by mediation;

A case of Cao Mou loan contract dispute (private lending) in Futian District of Shenzhen City: the amount involved was 1.78 million, the first instance won, the plaintiff Pan Mou personal damage compensation dispute: Pan Mou, Guangxi, was hired by a moving company for a Guangzhou electric Co., LTD., the handling machine was hit on the head and killed, the first instance and the second instance won, and the compensation was nearly 700,000;

Chen Mou traffic accident liability dispute case: Chen Mou, Guangxi, in Shunde District of Foshan traffic accident caused death, through the lawyer's agency, the first instance won, compensation of more than 800,000;

Be satisfied;

Guangzhou Tianhe District Xu Mou custody contract dispute case: Xu mou BMW parking stolen mirrors in the parking lot, the parking lot does not admit to refuse to settle claims, the lawyer involved, the first instance won, the defendant agreed to mediate the conclusion of the case, the plaintiff is satisfied;

Guangzhou Yuexiu District Wei Mou shop lease contract dispute case: Wei Mou rental shop was cleared in advance, the first and second trials were won, the parties satisfied;

Handled the labor dispute case of Zhang Moutao v. Seven Days Hotel Chain: Seven Days Hotel chain illegally terminated the labor contract by covering up the illegal purpose in a legal form, and the lawyer was involved in the labor arbitration and the first instance litigation, and the parties were satisfied;

Deng Yudong v. Guangdong Science and Technology Co., Ltd. labor dispute case: The employer issued a notice of termination of the labor contract in a legal form to cover up the illegal purpose, and the lawyer was involved in the labor arbitration, the first instance and the second instance lawsuits were won, and the parties were satisfied;

Several legal assistance cases are provided to vulnerable groups each year.

Some non-litigation legal matters:

Participated in the restructuring project of rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. in many cities and counties of Guangdong Province, involving legal affairs such as the establishment of joint stock limited companies, investment shares, capital increase and share expansion, involving hundreds of millions of dollars;

Served as a number of companies and individuals perennial legal counsel, to provide a large number of high-quality, efficient legal services for the parties;

Assist the consultant unit to set up financing plans, participate in financing, project cooperation and other business negotiations;

Assist the consultant unit to develop legal and reasonable human resource management system to control employment risks and costs.

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