Cao Sihua


Cao Sihua

Internet and high and new technology | real estate | civil | economic crime | duty crime criminal

Educational background

Master of Science in Computer Science and Technology, National University of Defense Technology

Work experience

Former military lawyer and head of network security at the Legal Advisory Office of Guangzhou Military Command
Guangdong Shantian law firm full-time lawyer
Researcher of data and network law, Shenzhen Institute of Modern Law and Business
Guangdong legal Shengbang law firm full-time lawyer

Key performance

He served as the head of the network security department of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Garrison in Guangzhou, responsible for capturing and dealing with malicious programs such as illegal intrusion, computer remote control, traffic hijacking, and insensitive advertising. At the same time, he served as the military lawyer of the military legal Advisory Office and participated in a large number of military legal affairs. He has practiced in Guangdong Shentian Law Firm and Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm successively. Thanks to his technical theoretical and practical background in the Internet field, he has a unique research and understanding of criminal defense in the field of pan-computer and cyber crimes, data compliance of Internet enterprises, and civil and commercial contract disputes in complex technology fields. Main cases of undertaking or participation:

(1) Criminal defense of computer crimes

Handled the case of Shenzhen certain network Technology Co., LTD. 's illegal control of computer information system (involving the use of embedded devices, Android system tens of millions of units), through their own investigation and evidence collection, detailed analysis of technical identification report, to surrender, minor crime circumstances, sentencing reduced by 30%

Handled the case of Shenzhen certain Network Technology Co., Ltd. illegally obtaining computer information system data (involving the non-inductive advertising business of malicious SDK), and was finally released on bail and suspended

As a consultant, I handled the case of illegal control of computer information system by a well-known mobile phone software company in Shenzhen (involving the automatic "activating" business of mobile phone APP application), and obtained the defense effect of minor status through the analysis of technical principles

As a consultant, handled the case of illegal control of computer information system by a Shenzhen mobile phone OEM company (involving the automatic advertising business of mobile phone operating system), obtained the result of bail pending trial at the investigation stage by analyzing the technical principles

(2) Criminal defense of crimes using information network as a tool or carrier

Handle the crime of telecommunication network fraud and obtain the minor circumstances of surrendering

Handling Li Mou and other through Alipay, wechat, bank cards, etc. to cover up, conceal the proceeds of crime, income crime, to obtain the minor circumstances of the accessory, and finally sentenced to probation

Handling Zhuo, such as through wechat, online banking to help information network criminal activities, from the prosecution of gambling crime defense to help letter crime

(3) Criminal defense of duty crimes

Handled bribery cases involving officials at a department level of the Shenzhen Municipal Government, excluding nearly one-third of illegal evidence

Handled the bribery case of a real estate company and a certain real estate company unit in Shajing, Shenzhen, from the joint crime defense to the simultaneous crime at the time of prosecution, reduced the amount of bribes by nearly 10 million yuan, and finally sentenced to probation

(4) Contract disputes in the real estate field

Handle disputes over joint venture and cooperative development of real estate contracts between Shenzhen certain Property Development Co., LTD., Shenzhen certain Property Management Co., LTD., and Shenzhen Certain International Hotel Investment Co., LTD

Handle disputes over joint venture and cooperative development of real estate contracts between Shenzhen So-and-so Holding Group Company and Shenzhen So-and-so Industrial Co., LTD

Handling disputes over equity transfer contracts for real estate projects of a financial holding company in Shenzhen

Handling disputes over the consignment sales contract between Guangzhou Certain Real Estate Co., LTD., Guangzhou Certain Investment Co., LTD., Guangzhou certain Industrial Co., LTD

(5) Contract disputes in complex technical fields

Handled disputes over a series of sales contracts between a well-known mobile phone equipment company and a supplier in Shenzhen

Handled disputes over financial leasing contracts of a new energy vehicle company in Shenzhen, a public bus company in Shenzhen and Bank of Communications Financial Leasing Company

Handle a series of service contract disputes between a certain precious metal operating company in Guangdong and a precious metal trading center Co., LTD

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