Zhuang Weiguang



Zhuang Weiguang

Career field

Educational background

Bachelor of Japanese, Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages

Work experience

1984-1988 Bachelor's degree in Guangzhou University of Foreign Languages
In 1993, he attended legal training at Sun Yat-sen University
In 1994, he participated in the national bar qualification examination and obtained the lawyer qualification certificate in 1995
From 1995 to 2003, he worked as a lawyer in Guangdong Guangjian Law Firm and Guangdong Zhengda Joint Law Firm
He joined Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm in 2003 and is now a partner

Key performance

Mr. Zhuang has more than 20 years of professional experience and comprehensive professional knowledge. He is skilled in handling all kinds of legal affairs and can work in Japanese. He is well versed in intellectual property affairs and corporate legal affairs. Lawyer Zhuang Weiguang has a strong sense of responsibility, rigorous and serious work, strictly abide by the professional ethics and professional ethics of lawyers, handled a total of more than 300 cases, and served as legal counsel for 32 companies or individuals.

In terms of litigation:

1. Handled asset cases on behalf of Jieyang Branch of Bank of China;

2. Acting for Guangzhou Electromechanical Installation Co., Ltd. to Sue a real estate Co., LTD., and successfully recovered more than 30 million yuan of project money.

3. Acting for Guangzhou Institute of Building Science to Sue a real estate Co., LTD., and successfully recovered more than 10 million yuan of project money.

4, Acting for Guangzhou Construction Group Co., Ltd. sued a real estate Co., LTD., and successfully recovered more than 10 million yuan of project money.

5. Acted for New World (China) Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and a real estate company in a land use rights dispute, and successfully defended the legal rights of the company.

6. Acting for 65 people to Sue a famous electrical appliance Group Co., Ltd. in Guangdong, successfully maintaining the legal rights of workers, involving more than 30 million yuan in the subject matter of the lawsuit.

7. Acting for a buyer to Sue a real estate group Co., LTD., involving more than 10 million yuan as the subject of litigation.

8. Acting for Guangzhou Reishi Company and Thailand Company to comprehensively plan and deal with a series of copyright disputes against a Japanese company about Altman's works, which became a typical case of intellectual property cases and was rated as one of the top ten intellectual property cases in Guangdong in 2010.

9. Acting for a company in Shenzhen to combat appearance patent infringement.

10. Handled legal affairs for Toyota (China) Investment Co., LTD.

Non-litigation aspects:

1. Provided legal advice on discount interest for the Bank of China Guangzhou Branch;

2. Answer legal questions and provide legal services for Sakura Bank Guangzhou Office, Nihon Keizai Shimbun Guangzhou Branch Office, Marubeni (Guangzhou) Trading Co., LTD.

3. Served as the legal counsel of a number of companies, assisted the company in drafting, formulating and revising legal documents such as contracts, provided legal basis and legal advice for the legality, feasibility, risk prediction and countermeasures of major decisions of the company in production, operation and management, and provided legal advice on issues related to strengthening production and operation management of these companies and improving enterprise economic benefits. Provide quality legal services.

4. Provided legal advice on the system reform of Guangzhou Institute of Building Science.

5. Participated in the equity transfer and management of Guangzhou Jingyi Planning Survey Co., LTD., Guangzhou Yuansu Camellia Household Products Co., LTD.

6. Served as the legal consultant of Guangzhou Key Public Construction Project Management Office, Guangzhou Institute of Building Science, Guangzhou Electromechanical Installation Co., LTD., Guangzhou Construction Engineering Quality and Safety Testing Center and other units.

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