Deng Guohua


Deng Guohua

Construction engineering | real estate | civil | enterprise and company | legal adviser | arbitration

Educational background

From September 1986 to July 1989, he studied for a master's degree in Law in the Department of Politics and Law of South China Normal University.

Work experience

From May 1992 to March 2002, he worked in the Policy and Law Department and the House Demolition Dispute Adjudication Department of Guangzhou Land Resources and Housing Bureau, successively serving as the section chief and deputy director.
Since 1993, he has worked as a part-time lawyer in Guangdong Foreign Economic Law Firm.
In March 2002, he resigned from the post of deputy director of the House demolition Dispute Adjudication Department and worked as a full-time lawyer in Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm, where he once served as the head of the construction and real estate Department.

Key performance

I have been engaged in the law industry for 25 years, and have been focusing on all kinds of litigation and non-litigation legal services in the field of real estate and construction engineering, providing clients with customized, professional, precise and high-quality legal services. I have rich experience and superb legal skills. In addition to construction projects and real estate, I am also involved in investment and financing fields, such as company law, mergers and acquisitions, etc. My professional legal services have won a high degree of trust and recognition from clients. As an arbitrator specializing in construction and real estate in Guangzhou Arbitration Commission of China, I have acted as an arbitrator in dozens of cases, which have been recognized by the parties.

1. During my tenure in Guangzhou Land Resources and Housing Bureau, I was engaged in the legislation, administrative reconsideration and acting in administrative litigation of real estate in Guangzhou.

2. Employed as a number of government departments and enterprises perennial legal counsel, such as: Guangzhou University Town Construction Headquarters, Guangzhou Key Public Construction Project Management Office, Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center Construction Headquarters, Guangzhou Nansha Development Zone Construction Headquarters, Guangzhou Haizhu District renewal and renovation of Shixi Village special consultant, Guangdong Kaiping Urban and Rural Construction Bureau, Guangzhou Hongfeng Technology Co., LTD., Guangzhou Wanling Investment Co., LTD., Guangdong Metallurgical Cluster Group Corporation, Guangdong Expressway Co., LTD., Gubang (Dongguan) Electrical Appliance Co., LTD., Sichuan Ningnan County Point Stone Mining Co., LTD., Sichuan Puge County Shengwei Mining Co., LTD., Guangdong Dongsheng Industrial Development Co., LTD., Guangzhou Dongsheng Investment Co., LTD., Guangzhou Xiangjun Copper Industry Co., LTD., Guangdong Province Metallurgical Building Design and Research Institute, Heyuan City Cultural Radio and television news Board, wait. Participate in the handling of daily legal affairs of the consulting unit, the investigation, planning and drafting, modification, review and demonstration of major operation and management activities, participate in business negotiations on behalf of the consulting unit, and provide services for all legal and commercial matters related to the production and operation, trade, financing and investment and other businesses of the consulting unit, so as to prevent business risks.

3. Proficient in real estate laws and regulations, good at all aspects of real estate development business and operation procedures of legal affairs. He has participated in the construction projects of Guangzhou University Town, Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center, Nansha Development Zone, Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games venues and Asian Games Village, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, Shenzhen Meiguan Expressway, Wanling Square, Hengli Bay, Gold Home, Yuan-Ming Garden, Xinbuxian Court, Guangfu Building and Guangzhou Land Development Center Gold Wai Land acquisition and storage project Legal services for large real estate projects.

Main treatise

Honorary award

Social function

Arbitrator of Guangzhou Arbitration Commission
Member of real Estate Law Professional Committee of Guangzhou Lawyers Association
Member of the Internship Assessment Committee of Guangzhou Lawyers Association