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Zhang Yuquan

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Educational background

He graduated from Southwest University of Political Science and Law, majoring in Law, with a bachelor's degree in Law.
Master's degree in Civil and Commercial Law from China University of Political Science and Law.

Work experience

Since August 1984, he has worked in Guangdong Department of Justice, Guangdong Judicial School and Guangdong Zhujiang Law Firm.
Since October 1999, he has worked in Guangzhou Finance Haishang Law Firm.
Since January 2000, he has practiced law in Guangdong United Development Law Firm (partnership system);
Since May 2002, he has been practicing law in Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm.

Key performance

In his practice, Lawyer Zhang Yuquan carefully planned the service plan, earnestly performed the duties of agency, and achieved good results in case handling and won the praise of the parties. Practicing for many years, handling nearly a thousand cases, without any punishment.

Some cases:

1. In the cooperative development project of Guangzhou Yinianyuan Real Estate (the third group), due to the long time and complex relationship between equity and land use, Mr. Zhang carefully drafted the cooperation agreement and envisaged the transfer of equity guarantee measures. After a hard week of negotiations, the project cooperation was successful. At present, the project with an investment of hundreds of millions of yuan has successfully entered the sales stage. For example, Guangzhou "Xingang Commercial Building" real estate development project, because it is a "rotten end building" project transfer development, in the project completion acceptance, the municipal planning Bureau on the grounds of "the project should be synchronized with the municipal supporting construction synchronous acceptance", that the municipal project did not apply for acceptance at the same time, so issued a "suspension acceptance" notice letter, which seriously affected the project planning acceptance and sales. Lawyer Zhang carefully studied the administrative procedure law and other relevant materials, and believed that the planning bureau's "suspension of acceptance notice" had substantially damaged the interests of developers and was actionable; The municipal project is not within the development scope won by the developer's auction, and does not belong to the developer's development obligation; To this end, an administrative lawsuit was filed in accordance with the law, and the lawyer's opinion was adopted by the court. The planning Bureau finally made the acceptance decision to safeguard the legitimate interests of the parties.

2. In the case of Zhang Mou, an associate professor of economics at a Hong Kong university, defrauding students of studying abroad costs, lawyers believe that Zhang Mou was at fault for the students of studying abroad costs being cheated, but I did not take the cheated fees as my own, and actively contributed to the refund after the incident, reducing the loss, the circumstances are minor, should be exempted from criminal punishment or probation. The court accepted the lawyer's opinion to sentence a suspended sentence, but Zhang is a Hong Kong person and has no fixed residence in China, which is difficult to apply. To this end, Lawyer Zhang actively communicated with the local street, justice bureau and relevant departments, and took measures to rent mainland residences for a long time and incorporate them into the scope of local community correction, making it a fact that there is a fixed residence and supervision is controllable, providing a prerequisite for the court to sentence probation, and successfully solving the problem.

Main treatise

Honorary award

Provincial and municipal Lawyers Association, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Justice "excellent Communist Party Member" title
Ministry of Justice "Model model for Party members striving for Excellence"
Guangzhou "Top Ten Lawyers" title and lawyers "Business Achievement Award"
Member of "Excellent Members Working Committee" of Guangzhou Bar Association and Guangdong Bar Association

Social function

Vice President of Guangdong Zhongli Legal Service
Arbitrator of Guangzhou Arbitration Commission
Deputy Director of Guangdong Lawyers Association law firm Construction Steering Committee
Executive Committee of Guangzhou Bar Association
Member of real estate Professional Committee of Guangzhou Law Association
Member of Guangzhou overseas Chinese Enterprise Lawyer Service Group
Guangzhou Council for the Promotion of International Trade Law Committee Standing Committee
Guangzhou "100 expert lawyers warm enterprise action service group" member
Guangdong Commercial Federation rights protection Center lawyer team member
Member of the Party Committee of Guangzhou Lawyers Association
Member and Secretary General of Intellectual Property Professional Committee of Guangdong Lawyers Association