Zhang Xianwei



Zhang Xianwei

Insurance | real estate | Haishang Maritime | disposal of non-performing assets | administrative litigation

Educational background

International doctor of Laws

Work experience

He has worked for shipping companies and courts

Key performance

Zhang Xianwei serves as the legal counsel of Swire, Guangzhou Container Terminal, Baiyun District Agriculture and Forestry Bureau, and provides legal services for insurance companies such as People's Insurance, Xiying, China Shipping Insurance, Skuld, Sunshine Insurance, shipping companies such as COSCO, China Shipping, China Foreign Shipping, and real estate companies such as Swire Group and Sino-Ocean Real Estate.

Main treatise

1. Monograph "Research on Insurance Compensation System of Maritime Cargo Transport" was published in Law Press;

2. Participated in the preparation or translation of "Maritime Procedure Law Theory", "Research on Basic Theoretical Issues of China's Maritime Law", "Maritime Law Cases and Analysis", "Norwegian Ship Insurance Manual" and other books;

3. Published more than 40 papers and cases in domestic journals, 2 papers in International journals (International Journal of InsuranceLaw, Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce), and 4 papers in international conferences.

Honorary award

The book "Research on Insurance Compensation System for Maritime Cargo Transportation" was awarded the "First Prize for Theoretical Achievements" by Guangzhou Lawyers Association in 2010.

Social function

Arbitrator of Guangzhou Arbitration Commission
Arbitrator, China Maritime Arbitration Commission