Zhang Maodong



Zhang Maodong

Construction engineering | marriage and family | real estate | insurance | finance

Educational background

1983-1987 Jinan University (Undergraduate)
1997-2000 Renmin University of China (Master of Law)

Work experience

1987-1994 Worked in Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone
1994-2001 Port Office of Guangzhou Municipal People's Government (Deputy Director)
2002-2005 Executive Director of Guangdong Nanguo Desai Law Firm
Since 2005, Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm is a full-time lawyer

Key performance

1. Acting for a bank and a real estate company in a series of loan and guarantee disputes, with the subject matter exceeding 100 million yuan, which protected the interests of creditors to the greatest extent.

2. Acting for a company in Shunde against a famous insurance company for third party liability insurance claims (the traffic police department of the case did not identify accident liability and directly sued the insurance company to win the case).

3. Acting for a financial institution to handle execution cases involving 100 million yuan.

4. Provided legal advice for a well-known foreign construction enterprise on several issues disputed between it and the developer during the construction process.

5. As foreign trade enterprises, large state-owned enterprises, high-tech enterprises and other enterprises perennial legal counsel, as a number of private legal counsel.

6. For suspected illegal business crimes, tax evasion Huang for innocent defense, the prosecutor's office adopted the advice of lawyers after review, and finally decided not to prosecute, Huang was acquitted.

7. For Ou Mou theft case for light defense, proposed to deal with Ou Mou lenient punishment five reasons were adopted by the court, Ou Mou was lightly sentenced to five months of detention.

8. Handle a large number of other civil and commercial litigation, criminal defense and non-litigation cases.

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