Xian Chuanle



Xian Chuanle

Enterprise & company | Construction engineering | real estate | Legal counsel | Family business

Educational background

Guangzhou University, Bachelor degree;
Sun Yat-sen University, graduate school.

Work experience

Guangzhou Legal Shengbang Law Firm, partner/lawyer, member of the financial Securities Department.

Key performance

Since his practice, Mr. Xian has successfully represented a number of litigation cases with large disputed subjects, complicated legal relationships and great social impact. He has been committed to the theoretical research and practice of legal issues for a long time, and has many years of working background in the real estate development legal industry, and has long-term communication and coordination experience in government departments. I am familiar with the process of handling cases and government rules of public prosecution, law and driver customs, and have accumulated good judicial and government resources. In the legal affairs of the company, he has served as the perennial legal consultant or single legal service consultant for real estate project development enterprises, real estate project construction enterprises, architectural design and construction enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises, commodity sales enterprises and other enterprises.

Main treatise

Honorary award

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