Wu Xiang


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Wu Xiang

Construction engineering | enterprise and company | Legal counsel | finance

Educational background

He graduated from Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal College in 1984, majoring in English
In 1991, he graduated from the Graduate School of China University of Political Science and Law in Beijing with a master's degree in Civil law

Work experience

From 1991 to 1996, he worked as an English teacher of Economic law and legal majors in the Economic Law Department of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. He also worked as an attorney and director of the International Business Law firm of the University since 1992
From August 1996 to January 2004, he successively worked as a lawyer and partner in Guangdong Jinglun Law Firm and other law firms
Since February 2004, he has been a senior partner of Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm
Since March 2017, he has been the Director of Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm

Key performance

Currently serving as the perennial legal consultant of Guangzhou Key Public Construction Project Management Center (former Guangzhou Key Office) (a specialized organization set up by Guangzhou Municipal People's Government to be responsible for the management of key projects invested by Guangzhou Municipal government, such as Guangzhou Asian Games City, Guangzhou University City, Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center and other construction projects)

Currently, he is the perennial legal consultant of the Fourth Shipping Engineering Bureau Co., LTD and the Southern Headquarters project of China Communications Group (Guangzhou Window Business Port Project).

He participated in the legal work on the power engineering of Shell's NANHAI PETROCHEMICALS PROJECT in Daya Bay, Guangdong Province

He served as the perennial legal adviser of China Foreign Trade Center and its subsidiary China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)

He served as the legal consultant for the second phase construction project of Pazhou Exhibition Hall of Guangzhou Communications Association and the special legal consultant for the introduction project of the Westin Pazhou Hotel

He served as the perennial legal adviser and head of the legal advisory team of Guangzhou Education City Construction Headquarters Office;

Main treatise

The Copyright protection of outdoor public Works of Art from the perspective of the Wuyang Sculpture Case, published in "Action · Thinking -- Selected Papers of Guangzhou Lawyers/Intellectual Property Law"

From the Infringement case of Baidu Library to see China's network copyright protection, in "Lingnan Intellectual Property Lawyers"

Children Chasing Balloons and Copyright Legal Issues, in Lingnan Intellectual Property Lawyers' Reflections

Legal permission for phonograms. Who misunderstands you? , in "Guangdong Performance"

Discussion on the safety of stage construction and its responsibility, in "Guangdong Performance"

Wu Ying's Fund-raising Fraud Case, Crime and Non-Crime of Private Finance, published in Guangdong Lawyer

The Realistic Possibility of plea bargaining System in China from Luo Mou's crime of smuggling and transporting drugs, published in Guangzhou Lawyer

Private car Service, the Pioneer of breaking the taxi monopoly market, in "Guangzhou Lawyer"

"A Brief Analysis of the Representation of Undisclosed Clients", in The Voice of the People

Honorary award

1. Certificate of appointment as Deputy Director of Urban Construction Committee issued by Guangzhou Municipal Committee of Civil Construction (2012/3);
2. Certificate of Honor for the first Session of the 12th Session of the Guangzhou CPPCC (2012/12);
3. Certificate of Honor for outstanding achievements in political participation and discussion issued by Guangzhou Municipal Committee of China Democratic National Construction Association (2015/4);
4. Outstanding Individual Honorary Certificate for Political Participation and deliberation by Guangdong Provincial Committee of China Democratic Construction Association in 2014 (2015/4);
5. Outstanding Individual Honor Certificate for political Participation and deliberation of Guangzhou Municipal Committee of Civil Construction in 2015 issued by Guangzhou Municipal Committee of China Democratic National Construction Association (2016/4);
6. In May 2016, the 9th Guangzhou Lawyers' Congress was awarded the "20-Year Contribution Award" by Guangzhou Lawyers Association.

Social function

Member of China Democratic National Construction Association
Deputy Director of the Expert Committee of Participation and deliberation of Guangdong Provincial Committee of Civil Construction
Shenzhen International Arbitration Court Arbitrator
Member of Guangdong Civil Architecture Society
Deputy Director of the National Copyright Trade Base (Yuexiu) Rights Protection Expert Committee