Wu Hao



Wu Hao

State-owned assets | liquidation and bankruptcy | construction project | Legal adviser | enterprises and companies | disposal of non-performing assets

Educational background

He graduated from Heilongjiang University with a Bachelor degree in Law
He obtained the lawyer's qualification certificate in 1996

Work experience

From 1996 to 2000, he worked as a public prosecutor in Beilun District People's Procuratorate of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province.
Since October 2000, he has been working in Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm and has been engaged in full-time legal work for 20 years.

Key performance

1. Served as the perennial legal counsel of Guangzhou Land Development Center and Guangzhou Key Public Construction Project Management Office, and provided high-quality legal services for large-scale infrastructure construction projects in Guangzhou, including University City, Baiyun Conference Center, Asian Games City and other large-scale investment projects.

2. Participated in the completion of the joint venture of Guangzhou Holding and British BP to set up an oil company and a terminal company, involving an investment of more than 1 billion yuan, while serving as the perennial legal counsel of Guangzhou Development Group Co., LTD.

3. Served as the perennial legal consultant of Guangzhou Development Group Co., LTD., provided special legal services for the construction project of Guangzhou Development Center Building, with a total investment of nearly one billion yuan, and no legal proceedings have occurred since the completion of the construction project.

4. Successfully handled the case of counterfeit "HP" registered trademark rights of a company in Guangzhou on behalf of Hewlett-Packard Company of the United States, and made outstanding contributions to the protection of intellectual property rights of HP Company in Guangdong.

5. Successfully handled the equity merger and acquisition project of Guangzhou AEC Auto City on behalf of Guangzhou Development Group, involving the target amount of 350 million yuan.

6. As the agent of Thailand Xiancheng Joint Venture Company, participated in the series of administrative compensation litigation cases of Thailand Xiancheng Joint Venture Company v. Shenzhen Municipal Government department, which was rated as one of the top 10 cases in China in the 20th century. The series of cases involved about 1 billion yuan in compensation, which was the most influential administrative case since the founding of China.

7. Entrusted by a large real estate company in Guangzhou, successfully handled the acquisition of a real estate project, involving an acquisition amount of more than 300 million yuan.

8. Entrusted by Guangzhou Fuel Group, successfully handled the land compensation dispute lawsuit between the group and a real estate group in Guangzhou, and successfully recovered the economic loss of 300 million yuan for the company.

9. Entrusted by a Japanese multinational company, successfully handled the legal affairs of the liquidation of its wholly foreign-owned enterprise in Guangzhou as a special project legal consultant, assisted the company to legally terminate the labor contracts of more than 1,000 employees, and properly handled the termination of contracts between the company and more than 300 suppliers, without any labor arbitration case. No legal proceedings have taken place.

10. Acted as the special legal consultant for the noise area treatment and resettlement area project of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, with a planned total investment of 13.2 billion yuan. (in process).

11. Served as the special legal consultant for the third runway resettlement area project of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. (in process).

12. Served as the perennial legal adviser of Guangzhou Key public construction Project Management Office. (in process).

Main treatise

Honorary award

Social function

Member of the 15th Guangzhou Yuexiu District CPPCC
Vice President of Entrepreneurs Exchange and Cooperation Association of Grassroots Committee of Civil Construction Yuexiu District
Chairman of the third branch of Commerce and Trade of the Grassroots Committee of Civil Construction Yuexiu District