Wu Dianping



Wu Dianping

Insurance | Administrative Law | Contract and product liability disputes | legal counsel | real estate | civil | village legal counsel | Criminal procedure | marriage and family

Educational background

1986-1990 Bachelor degree from Hainan University (former South China Hot Crop College, South China Tropical Agriculture University)
1992-1995 Guangdong University of Foreign Studies majored in English and International Trade
2002-2004 Graduate student of Economic Law, Sun Yat-sen University Law School

Work experience

1990-1996 Guangdong Pearl River Shipping Company, Hong Kong Yuefeng Shipping Company Guangzhou Office
1996-present Guangdong Foreign Economic Law Firm, later renamed: Guangdong Legal Shengbang Law Firm

Key performance

Non-litigation Legal Services:

Served as a number of domestic and large multinational companies, enterprises and other perennial legal counsel.

Acted as the legal counsel of Guangzhou Village.

Advising large multinational companies on their investments in China.

Participated in the "three old" renovation projects in Guangzhou and other cities.

Handled the repatriation of overseas Chinese housing.

To participate in bankruptcy reorganization and acquisition of enterprises.

Participate in the company's stock listing work, etc.

Litigation Legal Services:

Acting in land dispute adjudication, litigation.

Acting in a large number of real estate cases arbitration, litigation.

Acting for a large multinational group and a large domestic trading group in the contract signing fault liability litigation.

Acting in international arbitration of trade contract disputes between large multinational groups and large domestic trading groups.

Represented a large number of civil, economic, real estate cases litigation and execution, and achieved good litigation and execution results.

Acting a large number of marriage cases, traffic accident cases litigation and mediation.

Acting for the first and second trial defenders of intentional murder criminal defendants, successfully saving their lives.

Participated in the criminal cases of Zhang Ziqiang criminal group.

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