Representatives of the National Symposium on Party Building Theory in Prosecutorial Organs Received Iron Man Spirit Education

On August 25th, as an important part of the national seminar on party building theory in procuratorial organs, all attending representatives visited and studied at the Iron Man Wang Jinxi Memorial Hall and the 1205 drilling team in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, accepting

On August 25th, as an important part of the National Symposium on Party Building Theory for Procuratorial Organs, all attending representatives visited the Iron Man Wang Jinxi Memorial Hall and the 1205 Drilling Team in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province to receive further education on the Iron Man spirit. More than 100 people, including the heads of political departments and party committees of various provincial-level institutions across the country, participated in educational activities. Li Rulin, a member of the Party Group, Director of the Political Department, and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Supreme People's Procuratorate, demands that party members and cadres at all levels of procuratorial organs carry forward the spirit of iron men, patriotism, entrepreneurship, practicality, and dedication, and implement party building and various procuratorial work in procuratorial organs.

In front of the memorial hall, Li Rulin and Jiang Wei, the prosecutor general of Heilongjiang Provincial Procuratorate, jointly presented a flower basket to the statue of Iron Man Wang Jinxi.

Under the guidance of the commentator, the representatives walked through the 47 steps symbolizing the brief and glorious life of the Iron Man and began to visit and learn. During the two-hour process, the representatives visited the first oil well and the tall derricks erected by the Iron Man on his shoulders. They reviewed the touching stories of the Iron Man fighting in the mud pit, studying the "Two Theories" diligently, caring about employees running schools, daring to innovate and not stick to the old ways, and being strict with oneself and selflessness. The innovative spirit and willpower of Wang Tieren, including his spirit of seeking truth, being a master, being a servant, being disciplined, being able to excel even if conditions permit, and being able to excel even if conditions permit, as well as being willing to live 20 years less and strive to win the big oil field, have set a standard for us party members and cadres both in the past and now, and should become a pursuit of communists! "The representatives listened and wrote with great emotions.

Subsequently, the representatives drove to visit the 1205 drilling team led by Iron Man Wang Jinxi. The attending representatives will dedicate the banner of "Iron Man Spirit Casts the Soul of the Nation, Scientific Development Plans a New Chapter of Energy" to this glorious team. Li Rulin had a friendly conversation with Hu Zhiqiang, the 19th captain of the 1205 drilling team, and stated that patriotism and dedication are the essence and reflection of the Iron Man spirit. Party members and cadres of procuratorial organs at all levels in the country should carry forward this spirit and pass it on from generation to generation; We should take the spirit of the Iron Man as an example, endure hardships and overcome difficulties, and strive to promote the party building work of procuratorial organs and various procuratorial work to a new and higher level.



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